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Make Your Own Naturally Sweet Peanut Butter

Is peanut butter sweet?????

I never know that peanut butter that made only with peanut is naturally sweet. But it is. Sooooo naturally sweet.

You may already know that I have an addiction to nuts, yet I have never try the home made nut butters, because I always worried that it may burn my only food processor. After doing considerable amount of research on blogs, I find that the key is to roast your nuts.

So in the oven these Spanish raw peanuts go:

I roast them at 400F for about 5 minutes. Then they continue to cook. You can smell the roasted nutty smell around the house…

I tried to rub the skin off, yet no luck. So I just dump all of them in the food processor.

After painful 8 minutes ( I thought my food processor is going to smoke!!!!! :-()

Here they are:

Smooth, velvety texture of home-made peanut butter! I gave it a taste – so , so , so sweet. It is perfect for the morning toast. Yah!

btw, my food processor isn’t smoke 😛 It is not so hard to make nut butter. You just need to get through that painful 8 minutes ~~~ haha


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Is there a time that you soooo want pizza?

yes. I have that moment. The urge to just have cheeeeeese, sweet pineapple, and spicy Italian sausage. Maybe it was after 3 days living on greens, maybe it was on a raining day that I lose my interest in cooking.

So I ordered Pizza Hut.

yes, Pizza Hut. Not any fancy brand. I know the review may not be fantastic. But this time, I have good luck 🙂

I ordered a thin crust with 5 toppings. Yuppy 5, including spicy Italian sausage. Wooohooooo! still crispy, and full (four) of veggies!! I gotta give it 5 stars (note that I am not a pizza expert. take the review with a grain of salt).

Fits my working spots very well , and of course, fits my no-dish-washing-schedule very well. :

Then this urge of pizza lingered on for several days……

So I made my own version :  start with whole wheat pizza dough:

slicing King oyster mushroom;

Top the crispy pizza dough with tomato sauce, king oyster mushroom , and cheeeeeese: ready in 8 minutes!

Save the rest in the freezer 😀 maybe in a few days, I will use them!


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Pumpkin Mousse

I feel like every blogger loves pumpkin (1 secrete I discovered!)

Pumpkin makes great soup, dessert, latte, or just eat them straight from the jar like I did in the past few days.

Or, make a little twist , transform them into a pumpkin mousse:

It just can’t be easier:

Ingredients: can of pumpkin, milk, 2 egg, cinnamon.

I bet you have all of them!

Mix them all together REALLY well. Avoid any pumpkin lumps. Bake them at 350F for 30 minutes.

Sprinkle some coconut flakes, if you like:

It taste nature. Yes. Nature sweetness from pumpkin and coconuts. Nothing beats that.

A very healthy dessert for you, dear friends:

Enjoy your day!!


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