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Sometimes Simple Food = Yummy Food

I have never been a big fan of potatoes….it is starch, takes forever to cook, and hard to me to swallow. However, this one , with ‘baby potatoes, has become the staple on my table:

Total Cooking Time : 12 Min

It is about 1 lb potatoes from TJ. Rinse it well, and use this lock&lock pot with lid (by far the most useful thing I ever got from them).

Add about 1 cup of water, Microwave for 8 min or till you can poke it through with a fork.

In the mean time, mince some green onion, prepare the spice:

salt, pepper, cayenne  pepper, cumin.

then, heat up some oil, and sautee the potato. Tip : press the potatoes with a spoon so it gets really nice crusty potato skin .

I have to say this is really delicious!! try it when you have time, my dear blog friends 🙂


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My Little Basil !!!

Finally….I settled down in my new apt . It was a lot of work! The best thing ever happened to me , as a chef, is that I now have  a balcony! (maybe most of you have a large back or front yard 🙂 ) To fully exploit my little balcony :
I grow some sweet basil , jalapeno pepper, banana pepper, Arugula , and green onion! can you believe it only take 4 weeks for the basil to grow this big?! It makes me feel I am an expert ! haha:)

can’t wait to enjoy it !

With tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, grapeseed oil, pinch salt and pepper.

M’mmmmmm, freshness that I can smell!

and, save the rest of the basil leaves in this air-tight container from Lock&Lock:


and….if it is not too late ~ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all my dear blog friends!!!  this time, with real moon cake !

With salty egg yolk, and lotus seeds puree:) sweet and salty – just like the one I remembered!


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