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It was a Hot-Pot Party!!!

There are lots of things to celebrate : mid-autumn festival, end of toughest interview week, smooth transition into the new semester, AND, a product review opportunity from CSN store, again!. Check out their new Ottoman Coffee Table! I am so excited, because I already decided the product to review !!! ( and you will know what it is soon!) 🙂

So, we decided to celebrate with A HOT POT PARTY~~~

I love hot-pot party —- because I am lazy….:-P LOL

Hot pot party does need you to bake, marinade, knead the dough, etc. Just bring the pot of water to boil and you are good to go!!!!!! The ONLY thing you need to do is preparing enough veggie, tofu, and shaved meat for the hot pot!

apparently our table is not big enough. We have two gigantic pots, one is with seafood sauce, the other is spicy sauce (saute the sauce in a sauce pan, pour them into the pot, add hot water and let it boil!)

on the table, you can see (left to right, bottom to top): Mung bean noodles, Enoki Mushroom,home-made horsebean, seaweed, shaved beef and lamb, steamed pork rib, tofu , fried gluten ( sorry I don’t know how to translate, but it is fried gluten!, haha:-)), Parsley,Crown Daisy. oh, it’s not over yet:

Here are thin mung bean noodles, and tofu ‘noodles’, fried tofu and fried gluten. They are all perfect for hot pot!

So what we do is simply dip all the stuff in those two big pot , at most for 2 minutes, and eat! Tofu, veggie and shaved meat are quickly ‘marinaded’ with all the flavor from seafood sauce and spicy sauce, very savory and fresh! See, there are so many varieties and it is so easy to prepare!

I made this as a side dish: five spice horsebean.   It is a great snack pairing with any meal . Just soak the bean over night, stew the bean with Chinese five spice seasoning, light soy sauce, for about 1.5 hours , till the beans are tender. It fully absorb the spice, and so much fun to crack it from the shell! High in fiber and taste great!

My roommate made this: steamed pork rib:

It might look a bit oily for my healthy blogger friends, BUT I have to say, this is the MOST popular dish that night!!! Meat lovers, this is the one you shouldn’t miss, and I will definitely made it again myself!

Ingredients:  pork rib, 1 onion, Shacha Sauce which is made of “from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chilis, brill fish, and dried shrimp”, goes very well with all kinds of meat.

steps: marinate the pork rib in white wine and shacha sauce for about 30 minutes. Slice the onion and put them underneath the rib. Steam them for 2 hours. Viola! You will love this one, I guarantee. It was actually NOT greasy at all.

It is a very typical Chinese party. I really enjoy the hot pot!!!


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Should I name it as Eggplant Lasagna???

em….can’t think of a proper name for this dish.

How would you name something when it is cheesy, contains multiple layers, and sort of belongs to the ‘comfort food zone’ ?

I would name it something like lasagna….okay I know it sounds weird to most of you 🙂

It was actually created a while ago with the left over from my first “mac&cheese” dish:

So here comes the ingredients: 1. Mac & Cheese ( left over :-p)

2. layer the casserole with eggplant,

sprinkle the dill, and bake for 30 min:

Till the eggplant is tender, and well blend these two. I assure you, the bold chedder gonna melt you…

Unless you cool yourself with the coconut sorbet :

I don’t know where my friend get it. But it taste soooooo coconut!!! it comes with the coconut shell. I insist to have two of them… I can make a ….coconut bra!!! LOL 🙂   (source)


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A Small Break

Thank you all for your bread making advices!!!! Obviously I was too greedy to put all that much ingredients in my loaf pan!

however, the bread itself tastes very good , even it looks crappy:

This has been my breakfast for a week, and I am totally happy with it!

poached egg ( still need to work on it) with dill, bread, home made soymilk, plus some honey dew melon. It tastes great when I dip the bread in the running yolk 🙂

Sometimes I like travelling- set the clock back and just be myself, enjoying food, scene, and people watching.  But when travelling with a mission , it was not that fun at all. I feel every meal is like a combat to fill myself quickly for the next few hours high intensity cognitive work. fortunately, I got a small break for these two weeks before the next few trips. I really miss having food that is light and home made, and not eating in a hurry , or non-stop talking.

Even it is simple as that:

Pepper, edamame, and tofu stir-fry. Sometimes having a quite, home-made meal makes such a joyful day.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend!


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Seriously, Do I really need a bread machine to do this?!?!

It’s been a while ….
Since I could hold my head up high
and it’s been a while
Since I first saw you, my bread,
It’s been a while
since i could stand on my own two feet again
and it’s been a while
since i could call you a “bread’
But everything I can’t remember as fucked up as it may seem
the consequences that I’ve rendered
I’ve stretched myself beyond my means… make you like a ‘bread’….

— for my bread making attempt….failed, again!

If you are expecting to see a super successful bread recipe, sorry I will let you down. I follow the recipe step by step, just with a tiny bitty twist. Then I got this :

Oh…Come’on!!!!!!! I am NOT making a banana cake! I want bread texture!

It was my ” whole wheat, nuts, high fiber, breakfast bread”.

I use lot of ingredients in the hope to make a successful breakfast bread.

I grind the toasted peanuts:

I use the lukewarm water for the yeast. mix the

1. whole wheat flour + corn meal

2. nuts

3. wheat bran // flax see// black sesame//barley powder.

Waited patiently till it is fat enough:

Carefully transfer it to my baking ware:

300F, 35 min. till it’s golden brown:

It was fluffy and soft. I thought there was LOTS of AIR in my bread. HOOOOORRAY!

BUT! When I cut it, I was super disappointed!

It does not look like a bread at all!!!!!!! 😦 It is just like a banana pound cake, so dense ! Damn, Do I really need a bread machine to make a ‘real bread”?????  I really question my “breadability”!!!!!!!!

Okay. I took a bite. well, you know, great ingredient never let you down even it does not look good. It was dense and fulfilling, with toasted nuts and black sesame, nature sweetness from the whole wheat flour, a bit moist, a bit crunchy.

I still have 3 bags of yeast for me to test out my breadability. Do you have any idea why I fail ?! is it because I put so much nuts in it ? any tips of bread making are extremely welcome! I just don’t want to sing that song again!


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Has the school started??? Not officially after the labor day:-)

Yeah right. Last week is kind of like ‘pre-school’. Occasionally dropped by office, did a bit programming, organizing office and my laptops, and parties on the weekend. After labor day, I need to strike a pose and be ready for the new semester!! 🙂

It was still steaming hot last week (94 F!!) so COLD salad is my fav…

This is my “VC salad for extreme sun burn“….. too much red and orange?! I read they are good in repairing the sun-burn skins!

So I use:

Two tomatoes, one big orange pepper, one cooked salted duck egg (secrete ingredient!), and silky tofu.

Have you ever tried this? it is a duck egg, salted , and ready to pair with porridge. It is a very typical ‘side dish’ for Chinese, the yolk is salty, a bit creamy with nature ‘egg oil’ (allow me to explain this way). It is also used in the mooncake to symbolize the ‘moon’.

Today I use it in my salad dressing:

I crumbled half egg with some silky tofu . Top them on the salad.

As a typical condiments , the salty egg doesn’t let me down this time. protein and VC. awesome. I hope my skin feel better tomorrow!

o..k…a..y, I just realized that I go for lunch first before the breakfast 🙂 So here it comes, a Arnold Sandwich Thins creation:

As the courtesy of Arnold bread company and foodbuzz tastemaker program, I got two bags of sandwich thins. One is whole wheat, the other is multigrain. I love multigain one , it has tiny bits of crunchy grains and not that sweet. and they are so thin!! (I need to have two of them to feel like a breakfast!)

I use a typical Chinese condiments (again…): a salty spicy tofu ( I hope the name explain it all):

The tofu is soaked in the salty spicy water (oh forget about the sodium, it is so worth it!), which makes it a perfect spread!

Toast the sandwich, spread the tofu, and egg. Although I never thought I would eat anything salty in the morning , but this totally knocks my socks off!! haha I gotta have it for the next week!


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Nuts, Anyone?

I am a huge Nuts fan – Almond is the one that calms my nerves. I once heard that people who eat nuts are smarter than average….and suddenly I feel my guilty pleasure is well justified!!

“you are driving me mad”

— no, I would say it ” you are driving me Nuts!”

—or , I would say it ” You are driving me ALMONDS!!!!!!!!!!”

hehe, just for fun. I love snacking on Raw almonds, cashew, and macadamia nuts (or I call it “academia nuts” :-P). Also, I like to add them in my salad and sauted dish:

Like this colorful plate that perfects ends my day :

Orange Pepper, Cashew, Almond, Macadamia nuts, Pecan, with a big plum and yellow corn on the side.

It’s really simple: heat the pan with a bit veg. oil, saute the pepper for about 2min, add the nuts, sprinkle some sea salt.  Eat!! 😛


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