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Spicy Baked Tofu with Nuts Sprinkles

I bet you will love it:

This dish is so simple to make and so flavor !!! If you have a crush on Tofu and Nuts – please try this recipe!!!


1. 3/4 package of Firm tofu,

2. Chili pepper (all any kind of spicy condiments you like) with a bit oil.

3. Optional : nuts!! I choose the dry roasted peanuts , I think cashew will work great too:

Steps – well can I just say: slice the tofu , mix everything together and sprinkle the nuts on top?

I love my new lock&lock glass bake dish , especially their bright color on the handles. Again this is a gift from Lock&Lock , I am selected to review their Borosilicate glass baking dish. The handle come with different bright colors – you can serve it directly from oven to table!!!  😀

After 30 minutes in the 350F oven, the tofu is all crispy, chili just melts into the tofu, and nuts are golden brown.

Hope you like it! 🙂 It is a hassle free summer dish!


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Real Chili!!!

As it is getting warmer, I think I do need some chilllll(i)…..

This time is real stuff – I made chili exactly the same as the recipe on the box:

These are all you need :

1. 2.5 lb of beef

2. Chili kit, which comes with 7 individual package of : chili pepper, corn flour (for thickening, I didn’t use), oregano/cumin, onion/garlic powder, paprika, red pepper ( I used half ), and salt.

3. kidney beans,

4. 1 can of tomatoes (with juice) + water

5. Any veggies you like , I used 1 big white onion. But I guess carrot will work well too.

6. Optional : I am craving for some Parmesan cheese today instead of sour cream 😛

Okay…this pic may look a bit scary, yet this is how it look like while wildly boiling. The steps are pretty simple

1. Sautee beef, drain the fat ( I used 80/20, which is very juicy for chili)

2. Sautee the onion, add water, beef, can of tomatoes, and kidney beans (fully cooked), and secrete packages 🙂

3. Simmer for 30 min, until all flavor blends

Viola ~~~~ Please enjoy:

Did you happen to notice the special glass pot I store the chili ? It was a gift from lock&lock. I was fortunate enough to be selected as their “lock&lock supporters”. Lock&Lock is a company that makes things VERY important for students – I used and loved all their air-tight, perfectly sealed containers for almost 5 years when I bring lunch to the office.

This glass container is called a Borosilicate Glass pot, which is safe for microwave and oven cooking (gonna used to for roasting veggies and meat!).

It comes with the strainer:

The thing I like most is… looks so pretty that I can serve directly on the table, store in the fridge, and microwave without making a mess:-P

Yet the lid is not oven safe, which means I couldn’t used it as a casserole. But other than that, I am happy with this glass pot 🙂

Hope you like the chili in the pot:


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If you are tired of meatballs…You can try Fishballs!

Hey everyone! How is your spring going ???? now Maryland finally warm up, and my appetite is warmed up too :-P!

So I took out all my weapons in the kitchen and made this fish ball!

So you see all the ingredients here:

Fish Fillet, 1 egg, minced ginger, rice wine, roasted sesame oil, salt, and most important : white pepper

Combine everything together with the help of food processor. You may want to do it around 5 minutes so that the fish ball taste chewy.

now , bring the water to boil, and then simmer (not rapid boil! it will break down the balls!)

Make fish balls with a spoon, slide them into the simmering water, till all of them floating happily ~

It is very tasty (as I always brag about my food). and goes well with any soup! like this “winter melon and seaweed soup”.

How simple is that?  🙂 Hope you like it!


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