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I need a pick-me-up: Mantou Pudding or Bun Bun Pudding?

Remember this week is spring break, and I have decided to stay here to work on my essays? yeah – time flies by , my model still gives me crappy result. That really makes me feel down, down, down. It’s hard to make complains nowadays, to my parents? no, they don’t really understand what I am doing and how much painful this model estimation process will be. To my friends? maybe not a good idea – those who are doing their PhD are already immersed themselves in this pain-in-the ass process and hearing more complains would reminds of their bad days… those who are not doing their PhD probably don’t have to worry about the model estimation at all , and they are wondering what the heck are you doing right now??!!! To professors??? maybe ….yet they are hoping I could get something out by the end of spring break.

I was really frustrated and depressed. Wondering what to do in the next step.

well, I know I really need to get myself out of these bad mood. when I was wandering in my room, I came across this piece of paper that has been hang on the back of my door for 2 years, yet I seldom give it a read. It says:

I am blessed with everything I need

My happiness depends on me

Life is beautiful

My life is complete

I am wise and experience

I have a lot of love to give

I am a loyal and fun friend

I am a faithful and committed lover

I love being myself

I know what I want

I am satisfied with who I have become

I have great friends and family who love me

I have a great heart and warm spirit

I don’t want anything from anyone

Only I can change my life

I can change unhappy situations

I am a beautiful and strong woman.

well said. I can change unhappy situations and I am a strong woman. There is nothing could beat me down. I will face the problem and find the way out. Suddenly I feel so much relieved. I am blessed to be who I have become now, and I believe everything will be alright. Tomorrow, is another day.

Okay, after rumbling for so long , let me bring it back to food. I really need a pick-me-up today. So I made this sweet treat: Mantou Pudding.

It’s not bread pudding, its the Mantou pudding, or Bun Bun Pudding! In China, the Buns is called Mantou 😀

I got quite a few buns from coco, (thank you!! ) that was really the softest Mantou I have ever eaten here ! after devouring it for several days in its plain form, I decided to exploit its maximum utilities.

So I use:

FIVE eggs (Five!!! oh mine, this is the largest amount of eggs I have ever used in my recipe).

about 1.5 buns, and 4 slices of whole wheat double fiber bread.

1/3 cup of Tj’s blueberry ( I need to recommend this: its huge blueberries!)

Unsweetened coconut flakes ( optional)

and NO sugar needed since the buns are slightly sweet.


Cut the mantou and bread in cubes, beat the eggs, mix them all together and sprinkle the coconut flakes:

alright, easy enough huh 🙂 send it to the oven, 350 degrees for 30 min.

the edges come out really crunchy. and the roasted coconut flakes makes the whole room nice and sweet.

I feel,

Life is short – have some dessert.

Life is short – let’s appreciate what we already have.

Life is short – let’s be proud of what we already achieve.

Lief is short – let’s find that strength, joy, and peace in mind.



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It’s Spring Break!!!

Hey Hey Hey everyone – spring break is fiiiinaaaanly here!!! I am so excited!! well, not as excited as my 2007, while I was in Austria:

or as my 2008, while I was in Argentina, the glacier

or as my 2009, while I was in Barcelona:

in 2010….I am stay here, happily, and hopefully do as much work as I can before the proposal defense in April 🙂 I am gonna make it up in 2011!!!

okay…if I am staying, I am gonna make this week really pleasant , by some nice food!! I bought smoked salmon yesterday. Writing papers makes me dizzy and craving for proteins as crazy! I have never been such a carnivore before 😛

hmmm….this is the first time I get wild Alaska smoked salmon …. eating raw always sounds a challenge to me. I even googled online to see if I should eat it directly (please, don’t laugh!! haha ) okay. sounds like there is a pretty popular version of lox. but I don’t have the bagel. I has asparagus!!! how about wrap some smoked salmon on the asparagus???

M’mmmm I can already imagine the nice color combination …

but when I try to cut the salmon in stripes, oh damn it!!! it all falls apart!!! there is NO WAY I can have nice strips to roll the asparagus up!

Plan B: make a smoked salmon sauce OVER asparagus. should be nice huh?

So I dig out my dill and cottage cheese, and make this bowl of sauce in a pretty liberal way:

and pair it with stir-fried asparagus:

ahahahhaha, NICE!!! the color combination looks awesome! that’s what I want ! and save me lot of trouble from wrapping 🙂

after mixing the cottage cheese and smoked salmon together, I just pour it over the asparagus , and finished the whole plate !! so satisfying!!!

now back to my previous post of truth or lies….I am a good liar!!  (wait, is that a compliment?)

1. I am a night owl. I stay up REALLY late….

Nope – I try to go to bed as early as possible , especially these days, around 10:30pm or so. since I heard a really scary story that your liver begins to detox in 11pm…..

2. I can eat the whole jar of almond butter in one day.

Ahhhahahahhaa, YES!!! isn’t that scary?! but I do LOVE nuts butter!

3. I take good care of my car – no dent at all!! I am a great driver!

Nope – I am a good driver…but I am a poor parker. I hit  my car TWICE!!!$%*($*& while I was parking. sigh!

4. I call my parents ( they are in China), once a week.

Nope- actually I call them almost every day. I am the only kid in my family, and I know my parents need me now.

5. I don’t like talking while I am having dinner.

Nope!!!! I LOVE talking while eating ! I know its not polite, but I feel chat over the dinner table is a great way to bond with family and friends 🙂

6. I had never blogged before.

Nope. I had a blog , but its about my life, instead of food. obviously I find more passion in talking about food!

7. I updates my status on facebook every day!

Nope. I am not a tech geek. You can tell that I am not updating my blog every day!

surprised, aren’t you ? what a $%(#$*& are you, buddy?! hahaha

hope you have a goooood night, my dear blogger friends 🙂


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Craving for Cheese, Simply Say Cheese :) Cheese Cookies

is there a moment in your life that you are CRAVING for some food, for no reason????? at that moment, you are not thinking about the damn calories anymore, but only that food that makes your appetite calms down…..Today I was craving for cheese, maybe I haven’t had dairy for quite a while!

so I made some pure cheese cookies:

with PURE CHEEEEEESE (hey say cheese here :-D)

Ingredient: 1 CUP of 6 Cheese Italian ( or any strong flavor cheese you ‘d like to satisfy your tastebuds)

1 Cup flour; 1/4 cup of flaxseed. and that’s it.

add soymilk till it become cookie dough texture ( I add about 1/2 cup of soymilk).

spray the pan with oil. (ooooops, too much!), and gently press the cheese dough. Send them to the oven, 350 degree for about 20 minutes, till they looks like this:

you really need to watch out – don’t want to get burned cheese cookies :).

Surprisingly, I didn’t put any baking soda in it. the texture comes out like this:

like bread, very fluffy and airy, with a really cheesy smell! haha

alright – now fun time!

I got an award from a super sweet girl Jessie . Thank you for giving the time of telling some lies guilt-less! haha

so here is the rules:

Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and one outrageous truth.

alright , here we go:

1. I am a night owl. I stay up REALLY late….

2. I can ate the whole jar of almond butter in one day.

3. I take good care of my car – no dent at all!! I am a great driver!

4. I call my parents ( they are in China), once a week.

5. I don’t like talking while I am having dinner.

6. I had never blogged before.

7. I updates my status on facebook every day!

– so which one is true??!! hahaahahha have fun guessing, my dear blogger frieds!

i will make the nomination in the next post:)


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All about Foooood, NYC

Finally, the critical part, FOOOOOD 😀

Please don’t laugh at me for scheduling a trip purely for food 🙂 wait, isn’t that why I am here ?! since most of my readers are real foodies, I am gonna unfold the trip with very satisfying , delicious, fun food we stuffed ourselves in NYC.

Our trip starts at a Korean Noodle place. It is an extremely small, family-style, not fancy at all restaurant close to time square. My friend and I even missed it several times. Yet when we walk into the restaurant, oh. my. gosh. I was dazzled. that’s like a perfect lunch place for me: if I choose different dish everyday, I can do it probably for consecutively 2 months.  Full of various Asian style bento box, kimchi , sweet rice cake, glazed sweet potatos, steamed buns….I was like in the heaven.

tough decisions. My friend recommend the noodle soup. Yah for a freezing day, perfect!! So for 6 bucks, I got this:

Huge bowl of spicy seafood ramen noodles. Seriously, I mean , a HUGE bowl – it’s like twice my head size!!! That was quite fulfilling!! quite spicy, but the soup taste awesome with lots of seafood. Noodles are quite chewy – not like the one we got in supermarket at all!!

we wandered around time square for the afternoon and did some shopping in Loft. Once our stomach recovers, we headed to our ultimate destination : flushing China town!  Yeah, for some authentic Chinese food!! Do you love street food?! I do! and I really miss it! On main street Queens, can you imaging that the lights is still on around 10pm, and tons of people still having their dinner or post-dinner outside?! what a great living area!

While we walked along the main street, the aroma from different food just drag us in….

I know , not a pretty picture. but love this duck wings with traditional Chinese spice!

Pork buns with paper-thin wrap, and half juice , half minced pork in the bun. eat with ginger and vinegar. I had four of them!!!

Directly from the hot pot ( the ox stomach, sorry if I made you disgusted :-P, but they are really crunchy!), with black pepper spicy sauce

Seafood porridge, made with shrimp, calamari, topped with roasted peanuts, and scallion. perfectly salted comfort food!! can’t have enough of it!

wahahahahaha can’t be more happier! btw, did u see that plastic bag ???!! that’s a whole box of duck wings I was bring back home!

have been going with non-veggie dishes for 1 day and half, my friend and I finally give up 😛 Salad, please!

The base is mixed greens, I tossed in alfalfa sprouts, goat cheese and green stuffed olives. finally I feel less guilty about binging the day before 🙂

M’mmmmm….long time since I really indulge myself into delish food . let’s end the day with a chocolate scented candle . Hope every one has a sweet ending!


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All About Fun – M&M World, NY

It was a bit unexpected, unprepared, unplanned trip to NYC over the weekend. My dear friend and I obviously have the same interest — fooooood! So we just bought the ticket and hop on the bus in the morning 😀 yupp, the theme of this trip is all about eating and fun. hehe, even though we did think about going to the museum or some broadway show, well, the time is really tight, and we just did non-stop eating in NYC!!! hehehe , that was really fun and relaxed weekend! bear with me if I sounds to foodholic! haha

Let me hold the food back a bit – I would like to firstly share with my dear blogger friends some thing will bring out your inner child ! (hopefully, you are still thrilled in the M&M world as me!!)

like you and me 😀

let’s get drunk with M&M!

hmmmm….I don’t think that’s a good idea…..buddy …

oh , come-on!! you should have some fun !!!

plus, we are in New York, New York!!!!

yeah, you are right… or two beer won’t hurt….

and I am sure the tons of chocolate won’t hurt…..

Ah hahaha, pal – finally you are convinced 😛

let’s go and have some fun in the City!


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