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Start of a New Week!

Monday always means going to the office and striking a working hard pose.  Having been idling from 2pm to 12pm last night , I set up my mind to have  a productive day. I am definitely a morning person ( though not that early, normally get up around 730am or 8am, hope the day light saving time change coming soon ! so I can wake up at 7am or earlier! )  , while, having said that, morning person won’t go through precious mornings without fulfilling breakfast. A good breakfast, is what drag me from the cozy bed!

I had silk soy milk – kinda addicted, 1 red delicious apple, plus two fusion muffins.

IMG_9579 it is still dark when I’m having my breakfast! Need a little light 🙂 I got a hand mixer several days ago, and spend days and nights thinking about how to maximize its usage . So, in the following weeks, months, and years, probably, I don’t need to go to the bread/cake aisle!

When I lived in shanghai, there are sooooo many bakery close to my apt. “breadtalk ” is a famous one. I once read a blog post of this person trying out nearly all the bread/cakes in that store. That post is kept in my bookmark. Since I’m gonna trying out all the bread/cakes she had from that store.  I really hope my loved ones would try out my bread/cakes 🙂 that’s my way of showing my love.  when I start my job, I’ll buy an apt for my parents, with ovens, for sure.

Going to the office with satisfied stomach, I start doing my data cleaning work. Suddenly I find myself really old….had a hard time remembering what those datasets are, even though I created them just two days ago… that wan’t an efficient morning. Also, my neck hurts a bit, since I had a funny sleep on it, probably last night. Having done my work, and eat spinach pie leftover for lunch,  I went back home and trying to breathe some fresh air.

One pear, and two muffin, my afternoon snack. oooops, sounds a little bit more : -) but I was starving!

Exercise Today

1. 30 min running.

2. 15 stretch.

3. Zumba! 1 hour.

Back home, it’s already very late for a slow cooking dinner , so I sautéed two green peppers with some bamboo shoot. Green peppers are really great source of vitamin C.


Red Bell Pepper 1/2 cup 95 94.7 135%
Papaya 1 medium 95 94.7 135%

“Foods high in vitamin C are broccoli (205%), brussels sprouts (161%), and strawberries (136%). Remember raw is best because cooking destroys vitamin C and other phytonutrients. Also, studies have shown that raw fruits and vegetables offer you the greatest protection against cancer than any other food.”

(from )

In cold days, it’s really hard for me to have it raw, so a quick sautéed green pepper, hopefully still nutritious 🙂

The sweet ending today is the red-bean stew from my fusion muffin leftovers .


As I said yesterday,  a serving of read beans (117g, 1 cup) provides 66% of fiber. beside, a 29%  of iron is good for women, who is easily being anemic. Also, good source of protein (32%) , like  all the other beans. There is an interesting website doing all the “statistical” analysis of food:

Well well well. can’t say too much good things about it 😛

oh right, I had another apple one hour later. Too much fruit for today I guess. It’s hard for me to watching those apples sitting around without eating them ! haha 🙂 gotta get a bit control tomorrow ! Too much fruit also means too much sugar. From that “naturally thin” book, you are not suppose to eat more than two servings of sugar per day. o…k…a…y. but the apple is really delicious!!!!



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Hello World! with My Fusion Muffin and Spinach Pie

I’ve been thinking about this blog for quite a long time, until last night I received a very strong encouragement from my friend. Yes. Food, is my thoughts all day (well,IT IS! ADMIT IT! ). Researching recipes, trying out new dishes, taking pictures, showing off my creations, blah blah blah, anything food related, is where I can find my passion. Emmmm, maybe sharing with the world my little passion and my practicing of “healthy living” style would be really fun.

Okkkkkay! Here it is!

Glad I start my blog on Sunday:) gimme official excuse to pamper my stomach

For dinner, I make my favorite spinach pie:

before going into the oven

before going into the oven

I used:

1. 1 pack of frozen spinach and 1 large egg.

2. dash salt.

3. artisian 4 cheese, about 1/2 cup.

Mix all these ingredients well.

4. several olives to decorate:)

Oven, 350F degrees, for about 20 min.



So simple ! Enjoy!

After dinner, I had a red bean muffin – I guess it is a Fusion muffin, since somebody told me that “American’t don’t mess up with read beans” 🙂 hehe, it’s really good though 🙂 very crunching, and the sweetness is naturally released from red bean. Plus, red bean is high in fiber and warms your body:) good for girls!


Enn Enn, how’s that ? it is so crisp outside, while moist inside – the secrete? I used a hot read bean soup to mix with flours ! so when I send it to the oven, the texture become so smooth . Don’t forget the wonder comes from such a “plain” muffin :


Yupp! isn’t that something called “inner beauty”?

with a cup of peppermint tea, my Sunday night unwinds here ~


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Hello world!

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