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Swedish Meatball Makes a Easy and Satisfying Meal!

I never really liked meatballs. I always feel they are salty, stuffing, dry, meaty , balls. Everytime my friends order the meatball sub, or meatball spaghettis, I feel like they are ‘out of my league’, immediately. :-p

However, things changed after I tried these :

For $6.99, I got big bag of swedish meatball from Ikea (first time I tried something other than their almond cake!)

It is so easy to cook (in oven for like 10 minutes, or stove top with other veggies for 10 min), juicy, soft, not very salty, perfectly portioned. I top them on my veggies:

with 180 cal for 6 meatballs, not bad!

My cousin love these too. She said “yeah, they are good – because they add lots of corn starch!” haha, anyway, the soft juicy meatball, does make a very satisfying meal!

It’s great to be back to foodie world! Not only I am savoring every meal (high or low cal), but also I am offered another chance to work with CSN store 😀 Check out their backyard swing sets ! I don’t have a backyard….yet, but I definitely will in a few years and enjoy swing!



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Take It eeeeeeasy!

It’s been a long time since my last post – no excuses , just take some time off ! last semester has been really hectic , but finally I can stay in Maryland and concentrate on what I need to finish !

So, take a deep breath, and take it easy!

I have been using my bread machine from CSN store for quite a while, making around 10 breads !! (wow !!! addicted !)

I think I have a fool-proof whole wheat bread recipe that I really would like to share with my dear blog friends:

for those who like whole wheat, yet fluffy and airy textures , here is the kick: add more water !!

yes, after testing it for so many times….I find the water is the key to make a airy and high-rise bread (no scientific proof though :-P)

So here is the recipe (make 1.5 lb loaf)

1. 1 cup of bread flour + 2 cups of whole wheat flour (it’s not working well with only whole wheat flour)

2. 1 + 3/4 cup of water (instead of 1 cup)

3. 2 tsb of wheat gluten

4. yeast dissolve in 1/4 cup luke warm water

5. optional: 1/2 cup of nuts/seeds, whatever you like. (I always use a black sesame and flaxseed)

set the bread machine on ‘whole wheat’ cycle, add in ingredient 5 when it beeps, and after 3:45 minutes , I guarantee a high-rise , fluffy whole wheat bread!


I did pay lots lots lots of attention to my breakfast . but for lunch and dinner, I am being a bit lazy recently :

Bok Choy with shrimp wonton :

I got these frozen shrimp wonton in Chinese super market . It is marinated in ‘shacha’ sauce, which is a bit spicy. Yet it does taste great!!! I rely on it whenever I feel I don’t want to cook! These wontons are ready in 8 minutes , then I just add in some leafy veggies, a quick, easy and delicious meal !

I promise I will update more often this semester! (is it a new year resolution too ? :-P)


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