Is there a time that you soooo want pizza?

yes. I have that moment. The urge to just have cheeeeeese, sweet pineapple, and spicy Italian sausage. Maybe it was after 3 days living on greens, maybe it was on a raining day that I lose my interest in cooking.

So I ordered Pizza Hut.

yes, Pizza Hut. Not any fancy brand. I know the review may not be fantastic. But this time, I have good luck 🙂

I ordered a thin crust with 5 toppings. Yuppy 5, including spicy Italian sausage. Wooohooooo! still crispy, and full (four) of veggies!! I gotta give it 5 stars (note that I am not a pizza expert. take the review with a grain of salt).

Fits my working spots very well , and of course, fits my no-dish-washing-schedule very well. :

Then this urge of pizza lingered on for several days……

So I made my own version :  start with whole wheat pizza dough:

slicing King oyster mushroom;

Top the crispy pizza dough with tomato sauce, king oyster mushroom , and cheeeeeese: ready in 8 minutes!

Save the rest in the freezer 😀 maybe in a few days, I will use them!



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5 responses to “Is there a time that you soooo want pizza?

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    I also feel the urge to eat pizza, I got all the ingredients but still too lazy to make it”! Maybe I should order a pizza hut too!

  2. Yes, all the time :-P. I LOVE pizza. Your pizza creation sounds great Tou Tou. I just stir fried king oyster mushrooms today.

  3. Thanks, Tou Tou. Now I crave pizza really bad now. Must order delivery tomorrow!

  4. TOU TOU those mushrooms are huge!! no wonder theyre called “King” hehe. mmm and pizza hut, of course i have always loved pizza hut. grew up eating it, my family would never buy any other kind. i think i crave pizzas more in the fall.. or anytime i have a really bad day lol


  5. Tou Tou, love homemade pizza, and whole wheat sure sounds healthy and yummie. Love mushrooms in my pizza as well…lots and lots of them 😉

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