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If you like pumpkin as much as I do…

You ll try to make everything PUMPKINISH…..(btw, is that word being invented already??? or I should apply for patent??)

So I made this Pumpkin Waffle:

And, I can not have enough of it. I have been eating this thing for almost a month, which is SOOOOO unlike me!!!

But as I said : pumpkinish is addictive….


1. 1 can of org. pumpkin puree.

2. 1 cup of rye flour + 1 cup of all-purpose.

3. 1/3 cup of flaxseed+black sesame seed mix

4. 1 tsp of baking powder

5.  add milk or soymilk or water, till the consistence looks like this:

Making waffle is my favorite thing. Eating hot waffles straight from the waffle maker tops that.

So today I have my ‘breakfast’ at 11pm:

Are you being PUMPKINISH these days???? :-))))


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I am sure I can survive, when all breakfast and brunch place close. Because I like to make everything myself (“oh come on, you never know how to appreciate the convenience modern life!!!”)

I live on these Goji berry black sesame bread :

I snack on my home made yogurt:

I drink my home made black bean milk:

emmmm, I like all of them. Makes me feel accomplished!

This is especially true when I made the yogurt.

With milk, and yogurt.

Heat the milk (not to all bubbly), stir in the yogurt till it is all smooth. Pour them in the glass jar, open the lid and put them in the yogurt maker.

After 12 hours (longer time for non fat milk, or you would like a thicker yogurt)

You can tell they became yogurt!

Of course, I can not survive if the supermarket is closed. 😛

Have a wonderful day, every one!


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Take It eeeeeeasy!

It’s been a long time since my last post – no excuses , just take some time off ! last semester has been really hectic , but finally I can stay in Maryland and concentrate on what I need to finish !

So, take a deep breath, and take it easy!

I have been using my bread machine from CSN store for quite a while, making around 10 breads !! (wow !!! addicted !)

I think I have a fool-proof whole wheat bread recipe that I really would like to share with my dear blog friends:

for those who like whole wheat, yet fluffy and airy textures , here is the kick: add more water !!

yes, after testing it for so many times….I find the water is the key to make a airy and high-rise bread (no scientific proof though :-P)

So here is the recipe (make 1.5 lb loaf)

1. 1 cup of bread flour + 2 cups of whole wheat flour (it’s not working well with only whole wheat flour)

2. 1 + 3/4 cup of water (instead of 1 cup)

3. 2 tsb of wheat gluten

4. yeast dissolve in 1/4 cup luke warm water

5. optional: 1/2 cup of nuts/seeds, whatever you like. (I always use a black sesame and flaxseed)

set the bread machine on ‘whole wheat’ cycle, add in ingredient 5 when it beeps, and after 3:45 minutes , I guarantee a high-rise , fluffy whole wheat bread!


I did pay lots lots lots of attention to my breakfast . but for lunch and dinner, I am being a bit lazy recently :

Bok Choy with shrimp wonton :

I got these frozen shrimp wonton in Chinese super market . It is marinated in ‘shacha’ sauce, which is a bit spicy. Yet it does taste great!!! I rely on it whenever I feel I don’t want to cook! These wontons are ready in 8 minutes , then I just add in some leafy veggies, a quick, easy and delicious meal !

I promise I will update more often this semester! (is it a new year resolution too ? :-P)


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Serious Jet Lagged, and Review of My New Secrete Weapon!

I have never been so tired of travelling…. 7 hours on the flight , exhausted, and 8 hours back. These all happens within 3 days. Where have I been?!

Yes, Amsterdam. Exciting, crazy, wild city. But you can find peace and calm too:

That was quite a trip. Even though it was not as relaxed as I wish it could be, I had a place to clear my mind 🙂  See what I bring back home:

I have been collecting tea cups every where I traveled. Yes I know it is heavy and bulky, but totally worth the effort when you sip tea and have a wonderful afternoon 🙂

So my review of my secrete weapon is long overdue…. 😛 People from CSN stores has generously offer me another opportunity (gift card ) to review their product.  I decided to paid the rest and get this nice bread maker:

This is a $99 bread machine, very beautiful exterior. the ratings on Amazon and some other websites are consistently to be 4.5/5 (  I did the research!). It has LOT of bread options that I am excited about, especially its’ whole wheat bread dough setting, French bread setting, fruit/nuts bread. It also has the express bread making function for 59min bread. I have only try the whole wheat bread, so I will review this function first, and I will leave the others for later.

btw, the paper besides the machine are the bread recipes that I am going to try out.

I made this simple maple whole wheat bread first:

1. 3 cups of whole wheat flour

2. 1 package of yeast ( test in luke warm water)

3. 1 1/4 cup water

4. 1/4 cup of maple syrup.

5. 1 teaspoon of salt.

6. Vital Gluten (to make the bread rise higher , even though it doesn’t work that well….)

7. 1/4 cup of vegetable oil

According to the instructions ( I follow it strictly this time), put the dry ingredient (1,6) on top of wet ingredient (3,4,5,7), and then put the yeast on top of them (very important according to the menu).

Set the menu as ” whole wheat — 1.5LB bread “. Then the timer automatically starts. The total time is 3:48min for this whole wheat bread. It warms up for about 15 mins, and then start to knead, rest, knead, rest, and bake.   You can just walk away and have some fun.

Now comes my perfect whole wheat bread!!! if you read my blog before, you know that I had a unpleasant past with bread making…. But now, my saver is here!!!

Even though you can not see lot of holes in my bread, it is REALLY soft inside. I think the ‘kneading’ process ( which I didn’t pay attention to previously) is extremely important. The exterior is very crusty, perfectly sweetened. I store the bread in a sealed bag for 5 days, still , I enjoy the last piece of it. Just toast them and they taste as freshly made.

For this whole wheat bread, I will give it a 4 /5 . 🙂 the only thing I am a bit disappointed is my bread didn’t rise high enough !! hehe, next time, I will try the combination of 1 cup of bread flour + 2 cups of whole wheat flour, which is recommended, and let you guys know how it goes!

Now I am finally having some fun with bread making!!!


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Seriously, Do I really need a bread machine to do this?!?!

It’s been a while ….
Since I could hold my head up high
and it’s been a while
Since I first saw you, my bread,
It’s been a while
since i could stand on my own two feet again
and it’s been a while
since i could call you a “bread’
But everything I can’t remember as fucked up as it may seem
the consequences that I’ve rendered
I’ve stretched myself beyond my means… make you like a ‘bread’….

— for my bread making attempt….failed, again!

If you are expecting to see a super successful bread recipe, sorry I will let you down. I follow the recipe step by step, just with a tiny bitty twist. Then I got this :

Oh…Come’on!!!!!!! I am NOT making a banana cake! I want bread texture!

It was my ” whole wheat, nuts, high fiber, breakfast bread”.

I use lot of ingredients in the hope to make a successful breakfast bread.

I grind the toasted peanuts:

I use the lukewarm water for the yeast. mix the

1. whole wheat flour + corn meal

2. nuts

3. wheat bran // flax see// black sesame//barley powder.

Waited patiently till it is fat enough:

Carefully transfer it to my baking ware:

300F, 35 min. till it’s golden brown:

It was fluffy and soft. I thought there was LOTS of AIR in my bread. HOOOOORRAY!

BUT! When I cut it, I was super disappointed!

It does not look like a bread at all!!!!!!! 😦 It is just like a banana pound cake, so dense ! Damn, Do I really need a bread machine to make a ‘real bread”?????  I really question my “breadability”!!!!!!!!

Okay. I took a bite. well, you know, great ingredient never let you down even it does not look good. It was dense and fulfilling, with toasted nuts and black sesame, nature sweetness from the whole wheat flour, a bit moist, a bit crunchy.

I still have 3 bags of yeast for me to test out my breadability. Do you have any idea why I fail ?! is it because I put so much nuts in it ? any tips of bread making are extremely welcome! I just don’t want to sing that song again!


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Has the school started??? Not officially after the labor day:-)

Yeah right. Last week is kind of like ‘pre-school’. Occasionally dropped by office, did a bit programming, organizing office and my laptops, and parties on the weekend. After labor day, I need to strike a pose and be ready for the new semester!! 🙂

It was still steaming hot last week (94 F!!) so COLD salad is my fav…

This is my “VC salad for extreme sun burn“….. too much red and orange?! I read they are good in repairing the sun-burn skins!

So I use:

Two tomatoes, one big orange pepper, one cooked salted duck egg (secrete ingredient!), and silky tofu.

Have you ever tried this? it is a duck egg, salted , and ready to pair with porridge. It is a very typical ‘side dish’ for Chinese, the yolk is salty, a bit creamy with nature ‘egg oil’ (allow me to explain this way). It is also used in the mooncake to symbolize the ‘moon’.

Today I use it in my salad dressing:

I crumbled half egg with some silky tofu . Top them on the salad.

As a typical condiments , the salty egg doesn’t let me down this time. protein and VC. awesome. I hope my skin feel better tomorrow!

o..k…a..y, I just realized that I go for lunch first before the breakfast 🙂 So here it comes, a Arnold Sandwich Thins creation:

As the courtesy of Arnold bread company and foodbuzz tastemaker program, I got two bags of sandwich thins. One is whole wheat, the other is multigrain. I love multigain one , it has tiny bits of crunchy grains and not that sweet. and they are so thin!! (I need to have two of them to feel like a breakfast!)

I use a typical Chinese condiments (again…): a salty spicy tofu ( I hope the name explain it all):

The tofu is soaked in the salty spicy water (oh forget about the sodium, it is so worth it!), which makes it a perfect spread!

Toast the sandwich, spread the tofu, and egg. Although I never thought I would eat anything salty in the morning , but this totally knocks my socks off!! haha I gotta have it for the next week!


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Are you a Cereal Person?

I didn’t know there is a breakfast called cereal till I was 20.

I am not kidding.

I grow up in China, and our breakfast does not include such flaky crunching sweet stuff. A typical Chinese breakfast is either warm porridge, soymilk, or some buns.

When I was 20, I came across this breakfast creation called “cereal”. That was in England, when my landlady served me a bowl of partially soaked, clustered, sweet flakes and oats (btw, I didn’t even know it was called oat then). Looks like a snack bowl! I never turn down the opportunity to try any new food – therefore, I happily take a BIG spoon from the drawer and tried my first cereal in my lifetime.


It was soooooooo yummy! I guess sweets is something all human being can not resist. Sweets and crunching in the morning?! can’t be better than that.

So, in that three month, the landlady bought me all kinds of cereals available in England. Yes, literally, two big pantry are full of colorful boxes.

Since came to the U.S, I tried almost all the major brand cereals, in different ways ( like ‘soak’ them in the milk, eat them directly from the box, make them into my bread and cake, etc., etc.,) so finally I get enough of that sweet and crunchiness , that I stop buying any cereal for …uh, maybe 2 years.

Till these boxes showed up miraclely in my front door:

Hooray !!! some new cereal to try out as a complimentary from Kellogg, foodbuzz taste maker program.

I can’t wait to open both of them and sample. See, I am still hooked to cereal:-P

I really love this yogurt cluster one. Sweet but not so sweet, crunchy but not so crunchy (as the cheerio ones), and the cluster is like little candy inside the breakfast bowl.  I also tried the other one – em….not my type. But if you like cheerio, give it a try!

Here are some more information if you are interested.

I guess most of my readers are not as ‘cereal-blind’ as me…..haha 🙂 What’s your favorite type of cereal? Hope you all enjoy your everyday breakfast cereal!


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