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Fermented Rice – Sweet with a touch of Alcohol (Jiu Niang)

Yes, a touch of Alcohol!

Fermented rice is a popular dish in Asia. It contains high concentrations of pro-biotic bacteria. “The enzymes degrade anti-nutritive compounds and thereby make edible, with enhanced flavour and aroma, things that otherwise would be indigestible and/or unpalatable.” (Source).  From a traditional Chinese medicine’s perspective, the fermented rice increases the blood circulation, which is especially beneficial for women.

For me, it is another type of comfort food and makes me a bit nostalgia. Through thousands trials and failures, finally I am able to make this fermented rice exactly the same as I had back home! I can not wait to share with my dear blogger friends this recipe:

what you need:

Sweet rice and Ferment rice starter (or yeast ball, which you can get in Asian supermarket)

An airtight container, such as “lock and lock”. Airtight container is very important: the first half of the fermenting process needs oxygen to generate ‘sweetness’; while the second half, which generates ‘alcohol’ taste, should be absolutely absent of oxygen.  


1. Soak about 2 cup of sweet rice at least 6 hours.

2. Steam the sweet rice for 40 minutes; then, rinse them in the running cold water for 1 minute.

3. in the mean time, grind the yeast ball really well, so that it can be well mixed with the steamed sweet rice.

4. Mix the starter and the sweet rice ; sprinkle the rest of the starters on the top of the steamed rice:

5. Close the lid, put the container in the warm place (about 60 – 70 F will do).

6. Wait, patiently, till you see the ‘rice wine’ comes out of the sweet rice chunk. It may take up to two – three days.  Then , it is time to enjoy!

As I said, it is sweet, a bit creamy, and tinged with a wine aroma.Please please please, don’t have it if you will drive or operate machinery…It DOES make you DRUNK!!!  🙂


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My Secrete Weapon for Exams!!!!

I know it is mid-term exam time again! Although I haven’t been bothered by exams for almost 3 years, I keep the tradition : having tomato-egg noodle soup before any big event! It is my Mom’s strategy to calm me down when I was young. Surprisingly, I am still rely on it now!

It is incredibly easy, and can be done within 15 mins! Fits in your midterm crunch very well 😛

Egg, sliced tomato, and egg noodles (or, any kind of noodles you like )


1. Heat oil in a pot, scramble eggs till they get some browny points.

2. Add tomatoes, sautee for about 2 min, till it is a bit softened.

3. In the same pot, add water, and noodles . Wait till the noodle is well done , add salt and white pepper (works really well in this soup) to taste.

EAT, before you go to exams, interviews, or presentations.

If you still feel uneasy, finishing up with a slices of comforting Tiramisu.

Then I am sure YOU ARE READY!!! 🙂


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