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You know one thing good about Boston???Free Food Everywhere!

I proved it.

If you are in Boston, and if you have some time around 4-7pm. Walk down the Street around Prudential center by yourself. I guarantee, there will be someone handing you new food samples. Like I did , the first time, I got Pringles new taste chips. and the second time, two bag of Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese. How sweet is that!

I can’t wait to try them out with my friends when I came back to Maryland:

Once in a life time, I strictly follow the recipe from the back of the box:

Butter, Mac and Cheese, Soymilk light, and dill. You see how big the bag is? I got two! 😀

There are three bags: one is the seasoning mix, one is the cheese ( really big bag! lots lots of chedder!) and a bag of bread crumbs.

So I stir in the soymilk, water, seasoning mix, and cheese , till it smells so enticing….

and stir in the ‘mac’ ~

Viola! Done!

They taste so cheesy – no wonder kids like it! Two bags of Mac and cheese fill in my party pan, and I luckily got some leftover for myself:

M’mmmmm, I know it’s fatty, but it is so good!


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Are you a Cereal Person?

I didn’t know there is a breakfast called cereal till I was 20.

I am not kidding.

I grow up in China, and our breakfast does not include such flaky crunching sweet stuff. A typical Chinese breakfast is either warm porridge, soymilk, or some buns.

When I was 20, I came across this breakfast creation called “cereal”. That was in England, when my landlady served me a bowl of partially soaked, clustered, sweet flakes and oats (btw, I didn’t even know it was called oat then). Looks like a snack bowl! I never turn down the opportunity to try any new food – therefore, I happily take a BIG spoon from the drawer and tried my first cereal in my lifetime.


It was soooooooo yummy! I guess sweets is something all human being can not resist. Sweets and crunching in the morning?! can’t be better than that.

So, in that three month, the landlady bought me all kinds of cereals available in England. Yes, literally, two big pantry are full of colorful boxes.

Since came to the U.S, I tried almost all the major brand cereals, in different ways ( like ‘soak’ them in the milk, eat them directly from the box, make them into my bread and cake, etc., etc.,) so finally I get enough of that sweet and crunchiness , that I stop buying any cereal for …uh, maybe 2 years.

Till these boxes showed up miraclely in my front door:

Hooray !!! some new cereal to try out as a complimentary from Kellogg, foodbuzz taste maker program.

I can’t wait to open both of them and sample. See, I am still hooked to cereal:-P

I really love this yogurt cluster one. Sweet but not so sweet, crunchy but not so crunchy (as the cheerio ones), and the cluster is like little candy inside the breakfast bowl.  I also tried the other one – em….not my type. But if you like cheerio, give it a try!

Here are some more information if you are interested.

I guess most of my readers are not as ‘cereal-blind’ as me…..haha 🙂 What’s your favorite type of cereal? Hope you all enjoy your everyday breakfast cereal!


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I went to Boston, yet I forgot my camera…

Oh How silly I am!!!

Even though the trip to Boston is absolutely NOT for fun ( it’s for non-stop, four day talking, getting challenged, and exhausted….), but forgetting my camera is unforgivable!!! The weather was extremely nice —which said to be unusual in Boston. I did have time to take a little walk around Harvard square, MIT, along Charles River, and harbor. Nice breeze. Can’t find a better relaxation than that.

And, since we have a daily budget for meals , I spend them all, I spend them all, I spend them all….I really like two Thai food place in Copley Place – one is Chili Duck, the other is Thai Basil. The Sushi is superb too, especially that Dauzo…..I wish I had recorded those moments for you! But if you got a chance to visit Boston, I highly recommend these place to satisfy your picky stomach!

So when I am back home, I make a little note for myself – get a small digital camera soon, so I can take it with me anywhere!

I feel sorry that I couldn’t share with my dear blog friends about Boston…but i do have some other food pictures:

another Buitoni Salad!

I got this Buitoni coupon from Foodbuzz taste maker program ( again! thanks ! ) it finally helps me to find the one I love!!!

This is the wild mushroom Agnolotti. ( who can help me pronounce this name! :-P)

I make this salad with two vine tomatoes, sweet corn,  sweet peas and just a little bit red onion ( I don’t want to burn my stomach again!)

Drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar, Dill, and pinch salt and pepper.

This time, I am VERY satisfied with the filling!!! there is A LOT mushroom, that I can really see. It seems that the mushroom is blended with cheese already. Taste very cheesy 🙂

Are you able to see it ? 🙂 Enjoy !!


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Oh Sweeeeeet!


wait,  for what?

– celebrate that finally the air conditioning is WORKING! it was hot last week, and the AC in my apt broke due to the severe thunderstorm on Sunday. Someone says I’m lucky, coz tens of thousands of people were actually out of power for consecutively four days, in the steaming hot July. However, my apt is on 3rd floor, and facing west. Every night it gets so bad that I can barely sleep….finally it ended up with a night in hotel….

On Friday, cool air came in, and the AC was working!! it was so much cooler. Oh man, you can’t never really appreciate it unless it’s gone….

so finally, I can ‘fire up’ my waffle maker and have a great breakfast:

Whole wheat waffle with wheat bran and golden flex seed. Some frozen blue berries and sliced honey melon.

in the afternoon, I was all in the mood of celebration  — the capability of using the oven again!!!

So I bake this beloved red-velvet cake, with Lindt ice coffee chocolate shaves on it:

yeah, I cheat. I use the cake mix. But , why not?! this cake mix works perfect (the Duncan Hines) if you adds a little twist :

I use a 1:1 cake mix Vs whole wheat flour; Cut the vegetable oil in half. Works. I guarantee. It is not that sweet any more, and you would love that texture.

Would you like one piece?


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