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My Very First Peanut Butter Cup

Do you want a peanut butter cup made of : “Milk Chocolate (Milk Chocolate contains Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate, Nonfat Milk, Milk Fat, Lactose, and Soya Lecithin and PGPR (as Emulsifiers)Peanuts, Sugar, Dextrose, Salt, and TBHQ and Citric Acid (to Preserve Freshness)”

Or you want a peanut butter cup made of: “cocoa, cane  sugar, milk, butter, and roasted peanuts “?

Yeah, I want something simpler. So here it is for my sugar fix:

1. melt chocolate chips, and 1tsp of butter, in a bowl over a pot pan of boiling water (alright. I still only have one pan from lock&lock🙂 it is kind of multi-tasker now).

Till you just want to scoop it out and eat directly from the bowl.

carefully distributed them into the cups:

then, spoon your favorite type of peanut butter ( e.g., TJ’s salty and creamy)

apply another layer and melted chocolate. Then store them in the fridge.

Be Patient.

Then Enjoy!


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Pumpkin Mousse

I feel like every blogger loves pumpkin (1 secrete I discovered!)

Pumpkin makes great soup, dessert, latte, or just eat them straight from the jar like I did in the past few days.

Or, make a little twist , transform them into a pumpkin mousse:

It just can’t be easier:

Ingredients: can of pumpkin, milk, 2 egg, cinnamon.

I bet you have all of them!

Mix them all together REALLY well. Avoid any pumpkin lumps. Bake them at 350F for 30 minutes.

Sprinkle some coconut flakes, if you like:

It taste nature. Yes. Nature sweetness from pumpkin and coconuts. Nothing beats that.

A very healthy dessert for you, dear friends:

Enjoy your day!!


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The Memory Lingers On

I have been back from Europe for quite a while….yet the memory still lingers on….

I think someone who has sweet teeth like me,  should stay in Europe for a longer time, where so many delicate sweets will satisfying the endless desire of chocolate …..

This is why:

When I wake up in the morning, I can dazzle my eyes with these never-ending chocolate stand….

Spread this thick and creamy chocolate cream on my breakfast toast…

Brush my teeth with chocolate toothpaste;

Order a chocolate bar for snack

and have a sip of chocolate beer ….

Woooooow, life is full of ….CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

hehe, maybe I should drag myself from the chocolate fantasy land now ! Because, something is great happening in my ‘ blog career’ 🙂 The people from CSN store has choose me to be their preferred blogger ! Hooray! I just checked out one of their table lamps, and look at this cute table lamp:

hehe , isn’t that a great light house table lamp 😛 Have fun exploring your favorite one!


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A Gooda Gooda Friday ~~~~

Finally I know why I got allergies this spring, obviously its because of my dissertation work!

We got T-storm last night, and the temperature coming back down to 60 something (from 90F!!!, can u believe it , in April, in Maryland!) my skin allergy gets better, and my car is free of yellow pollens , woooohoooo!!!!!

and, what make the life sweeter, I got the chocolate bar from Aletheia !!!

a 70% organic chocolate with gingerbread ( Oh yeah GINGER BREAD! GINGER BREAD!GINGER BREAD! my FAV!!! that x’mas is not over yet, hehe), cranberries and Mandarin. it just made my day. I feel soooo much better from long day of work and seminars and meetings, and finally get into the Friday mood!

I met with Aletheia here, on my food blog, when I just started it last October. We kinda see each others’ “path” on the food blog. thoughts, comments, emails,  and food creations, bind us in a unique and amazing way. I have never met her since she is so far in Canada, however, I have a feeling that if we see each other one day, there will be endless chatting and laughing between us. why? I don’t know. Sometimes I just got the instinct that we are totally “matched’ type of people. Alethia is a very thoughtful young girl ( yeah, much younger than me ), and she does the blog just for the blog instead of something else. If you got chance, please stop by and say hi to this sweet girl !!!

Dark chocolate, my cup of tea. forever. Never get bored savoring a piece of chocolate.

I add this precious gift to my chocolate collection:

while, actually I am a bit over -do in the chocolate collection:


em….don’t misunderstand me, i am not living on chocolate. I still eat normally food:

This is the last post of my salmon series: Simple Asparagus with Smoked Salmon.

Sauté the asparagus with pinch salt. add smoked salmon.  that’s it. like 5 min meal!  I like the soft texture of smoked salmon, and of cause its very special flavor. Yet it is a bit salty eating it directly. I think use it as pizza topping, or in sandwich might be better.

Blogging adds color to my life , and brings REAL friends to my life. Thank you all, dear blog friends. I hope every one has a wonderful weekend!!!!


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I need a pick-me-up: Mantou Pudding or Bun Bun Pudding?

Remember this week is spring break, and I have decided to stay here to work on my essays? yeah – time flies by , my model still gives me crappy result. That really makes me feel down, down, down. It’s hard to make complains nowadays, to my parents? no, they don’t really understand what I am doing and how much painful this model estimation process will be. To my friends? maybe not a good idea – those who are doing their PhD are already immersed themselves in this pain-in-the ass process and hearing more complains would reminds of their bad days… those who are not doing their PhD probably don’t have to worry about the model estimation at all , and they are wondering what the heck are you doing right now??!!! To professors??? maybe ….yet they are hoping I could get something out by the end of spring break.

I was really frustrated and depressed. Wondering what to do in the next step.

well, I know I really need to get myself out of these bad mood. when I was wandering in my room, I came across this piece of paper that has been hang on the back of my door for 2 years, yet I seldom give it a read. It says:

I am blessed with everything I need

My happiness depends on me

Life is beautiful

My life is complete

I am wise and experience

I have a lot of love to give

I am a loyal and fun friend

I am a faithful and committed lover

I love being myself

I know what I want

I am satisfied with who I have become

I have great friends and family who love me

I have a great heart and warm spirit

I don’t want anything from anyone

Only I can change my life

I can change unhappy situations

I am a beautiful and strong woman.

well said. I can change unhappy situations and I am a strong woman. There is nothing could beat me down. I will face the problem and find the way out. Suddenly I feel so much relieved. I am blessed to be who I have become now, and I believe everything will be alright. Tomorrow, is another day.

Okay, after rumbling for so long , let me bring it back to food. I really need a pick-me-up today. So I made this sweet treat: Mantou Pudding.

It’s not bread pudding, its the Mantou pudding, or Bun Bun Pudding! In China, the Buns is called Mantou 😀

I got quite a few buns from coco, (thank you!! ) that was really the softest Mantou I have ever eaten here ! after devouring it for several days in its plain form, I decided to exploit its maximum utilities.

So I use:

FIVE eggs (Five!!! oh mine, this is the largest amount of eggs I have ever used in my recipe).

about 1.5 buns, and 4 slices of whole wheat double fiber bread.

1/3 cup of Tj’s blueberry ( I need to recommend this: its huge blueberries!)

Unsweetened coconut flakes ( optional)

and NO sugar needed since the buns are slightly sweet.


Cut the mantou and bread in cubes, beat the eggs, mix them all together and sprinkle the coconut flakes:

alright, easy enough huh 🙂 send it to the oven, 350 degrees for 30 min.

the edges come out really crunchy. and the roasted coconut flakes makes the whole room nice and sweet.

I feel,

Life is short – have some dessert.

Life is short – let’s appreciate what we already have.

Life is short – let’s be proud of what we already achieve.

Lief is short – let’s find that strength, joy, and peace in mind.


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Still, Happy Lunar New Year…with POMOCHI

Hey Dear blogger Friends, do you know that the traditional lunar new year celebration actually last for the whole week ?!?! and you have every reason to celebrate it till the Lunar Jan 15th 😀    So today I am gonna make another traditional Chinese New Year food. The Chinese name is called ” Nian Gao” , which literally means ” higher every year”. In Japanese, this kind of food is called ” Mochi”.

So what the heck is POMOCHI????

haha, it’s POM + Mochi = POMOCHI!!! (since POM + Nian Gao = POMIANGAO…..that’s doesn’t sounds very appealing to me:-P , thus I am gonna adopt Japanese way of Nian Gao) .

making POMOCHI is a lot of fun. Because the main ingredient is the glutinous rice….you got an extremely sticky dough to play with. That reminds me of the time spent with my Mom making them several years ago!!!!

I made a black sesame filling POMOCHI. The ingredients are : 1 cup of glutinous rice flour, about 1/4 cup of POM juice , grind black sesame, coconut oil from coco 😛 (thank you!) , coconut flakes,  sweet-scented osmanthus, and a about 1 tsp of sugar.

For the glutinous dough: mix the POM and 1 cup of rice flour. See that nice cute pinky color??? I fall in love with it instantly!!! Steam them for about 10 minutes , and cool it down completely.

For the fillings : mix 1/4 cup of grind black sesame, 1 tsp of coconut oil, 1/2 tsp of osmanthus, and  1 tsp of sugar. Stir till they become little sticky crumbles.

Now comes the tricky part: making the mochi. Some tips I just find ( didn’t realize it was so difficult when I made them with Mom!!!

1. spray some oil on your hand ( yes!!) it makes the dough less sticky to your hand and easy to round it up.

2. make a ping-pong sized ball first, then “dig” a small hole for the filling (please don’t be greedy in terms of fillings…) , and seal the top. Then start to roll the dough in your hand till its really round and smooth.

Great Pinky POMOCHI already!!!

yes its ready to eat. But I would like to add more Chinese flavor:

Dip the pinky into a bowl of unsweetened coconut flakes. sprinkle some osmanthus for garnish 😀

coconut flavor crust, sweet scented osmanthus, nutty, delicate crunchiness from black sesame fillings, and POM rice dough. Oh.that makes my day much better. Enjoy , and again, and still, happy Lunar New year!!


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Should We Call it Chili or Warmy?

Hey Friends, we here Maryland, BLIZZARD again!!! This might be the heaviest , craziest snow storm I have ever seen in my life.

Look at my poor car buried in the snow like a big BUN….oh man. what I am gonna do with it…..

He is in much better shape than mine!!!!

Good news is finally the sky cleared up around 6pm. Guess good work out tomorrow!!! I am gonna dig my car out !

Cold days make me think of this Chili. actually, I am wondering , why it is called chili, instead of warmy???? it’s so hot and fulfilling !

So I decided to call it Warmy :

I used:

Cheating!!! (Shhhhh….)

Yes, I use a Chili Mix 😀 that makes my life much easier after whole day brain spinning at programming….Compared to the sweeter alternative Cincinnati one, I prefer the Terlingua Red Chilli in  Hard Times Cafe. It’s redder, spicier, and flavorful.  But tons of beef normally makes my digestion system protest the day after. Therefore, I intended to make this version more vegetarian.  So if this one doesn’t turns out like the one in the HTC, please bear with me  and simply enjoy the veggies 😀


1. Brown the beef till the fat comes out.

2. Use the fat to saute onion and carrot. Till onion releases some water.

3. Now , adding a can of tomatoes, crushed please.  and pour in all the juice.  this adds a sour and sweet flavor to the dish. Then, add in 2 cups of warm water to the pan.

4. according to the instructions, I am supposed to use only 1 tsp of chili power. I already seal the rest and ready to stew. BUT. Thank God I tried. It’s NOT spicy at all!!!! So I add another tsp, still, not taste like chili!


alright, I am just being bold and pour in the whole bad of chili powder. Finally it taste very chili!!

5. Cover the pan ( you are supposed to do. But I don’t have the lid). and stew for like 10 min.

Ready to eat the home made chili!!! I topped with the left over 6 cheese Italian, you can top with cilantro, sour cream, and paired with corn bread as the HTC will serve. Its just a little bit spicy, with sweet flavor from caramelized onion and sauteed tomatoes.  It’s such a warmy dish on a snowy day 😀


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