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If you like pumpkin as much as I do…

You ll try to make everything PUMPKINISH…..(btw, is that word being invented already??? or I should apply for patent??)

So I made this Pumpkin Waffle:

And, I can not have enough of it. I have been eating this thing for almost a month, which is SOOOOO unlike me!!!

But as I said : pumpkinish is addictive….


1. 1 can of org. pumpkin puree.

2. 1 cup of rye flour + 1 cup of all-purpose.

3. 1/3 cup of flaxseed+black sesame seed mix

4. 1 tsp of baking powder

5.  add milk or soymilk or water, till the consistence looks like this:

Making waffle is my favorite thing. Eating hot waffles straight from the waffle maker tops that.

So today I have my ‘breakfast’ at 11pm:

Are you being PUMPKINISH these days???? :-))))


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Soup Time! Sweet warm treat for you :-)

First of all, I got One Lovely Blog Award from “Cooking-Gallery“,  a beautiful, artistic food blog you don’t want to miss! She is now making lots of very cute bento boxes , and all her food creation is ,…, literally, ART. Check it out 🙂

The temp is going up and down like crazy….but still , I realized that winter is going away, and summer (or spring break) is coming soon! It also means that it’s less likely for me to truly appreciate the cozy warm soup in a snow day. So I made a soup today to officially say GoodBye to Winter time!

This is a naturally sweet soup. As you can see all the ingredients:

It may sounds like a strange combination. But trust me, this is a traditional Cantonese soup. Short rib pork, carrots, and sweet corn (on cob). Yes. that is it. Even no salt is needed. Just throw these three ingredients (of course with several slices of ginger) in to a big pot, add enough water. Let it stew for 2 hours. Viola!!!

I make a quick stir-fried rice with chicken breast and cumin (secrete ingredient!!!)

You then can enjoy this sweet, nutritious soup 🙂 btw, the corn is my favorite part of the soup!

Enjoy the soup and say hi to spring!


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I am sure I can survive, when all breakfast and brunch place close. Because I like to make everything myself (“oh come on, you never know how to appreciate the convenience modern life!!!”)

I live on these Goji berry black sesame bread :

I snack on my home made yogurt:

I drink my home made black bean milk:

emmmm, I like all of them. Makes me feel accomplished!

This is especially true when I made the yogurt.

With milk, and yogurt.

Heat the milk (not to all bubbly), stir in the yogurt till it is all smooth. Pour them in the glass jar, open the lid and put them in the yogurt maker.

After 12 hours (longer time for non fat milk, or you would like a thicker yogurt)

You can tell they became yogurt!

Of course, I can not survive if the supermarket is closed. 😛

Have a wonderful day, every one!


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Do you use steamer? Steamed Sa Cha Beef :-)

When I was in China, my parents used steamer a lot : for buns, for fresh fish, for crab, for etc., etc., etc. However, I have never really steam a lot of things here. It takes longer, and I don’t have the proper tools. You know, it is always a difficult job to get the bowl out of the pot  – I don’t want to burn my hand! !

But people from CSN store has generously offered me a Oster Food Steamer. It is a review post that long over due…. I received the steamer late Jan , and finally I got to use them!

When I got it, I was so excited. It looks exactly as what my parents have:

This is a ‘compressed’ version : one layer:

You can extend them:

😀 isn’t that cool ? ! It is extremely easy and safe to use (did you notice they give instructions on the side? )

So I made a dish that I have been craving for:

Steamed Sa Sha Beef with Japanese Yam !

My old ways dealing with meat (all kinds of red meat, actually), is to make soup. Today, I tried something new!

It doesn’t look fabulous. But I promise, it tastes fabulous. The beef is soooooo tender after being steamed for 2 hours. The flavorful fat juice has all been absorbed by the Yam, which renders the sweetness with a salty, sa cha twist.

So here is the ingredients:

stew beef chunks, soy sauce, rice wine, and…..

Sa Cha Sauce!!! A seafood based sauce, combined with onion powder, garlic powder and thousands secrete ingredients that makes it goes well with so many stuff ! I am being very generous today , spooning a lot of sa cha sauce into my beef marinade.

after marinade the beef for 1 hour, I carefully lay them over the sliced yam. Of course you can use any kind of yam, or potato, or taro (drooooling!). Steam for 2 hours and you will be mesmerized by the unique Sa Cha flavor !!!

Hope you love it, my friends!


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