My Food Philosophy

What to eat, How to eat, and How to Balance Your Body to Make it Strong and Healthy – My thoughts and practice principles.

I have been thinking of writing this section for a long time. The reason I am so hesitate to write anything about food philosophy is, everyone has his own food profile – what s/he can not resist, what food could maximum satisfied her/him, which food promotes regularity and who makes bloated, blah, blah blah. All of this, make this section seems purely self-entertainning.

But giving it a second thought, I think it might be a good idea to just “show” what’s your own food philosophy. There is absolutely no need to marketing your own food theories( though I am a marketing major). All these practice works for me, and makes my stomach functioning reasonably well these years.  Very seldom do I feel bloated or heavy on stomach. And I don’t have a serious skin problem due to improper eating. So let’s just not beating around the bush. I list several general principles here, and I sincerely welcome any opinion or advices from all your foodie people – I know you have done extensive amount of research about them:)

1.  I eat whole food – I don’t mean i go wholefood for grocery shopping everytime , don’t have that financial ability yet as a student. but I believe that whole food provides real nutrition , rather than vitamin pills. I totally agree with the author in “defense of food” book. There is so much known yet so much unknown about those food nutrition contents, they collaboratively make the nutrition works in your body – that’s why taking ABCDE pills can not make you ravishing. So, I know VE is good for your skin, but I believe almond which has been praised for its high VE content) needs to be eat whole, instead of swallowing tons of VE pills every day.

2. I never forego my addition to sweets. but light sweets. I can’t stand those sweeten to hell cookies or cakes which makes me really uncomfortable afterwards, and never make cake/cookies according to the sugar amount in the recipe book. if it is really unsweetened to my taste buds, I’d rather sprinkle a bit sugar right after they got out of the oven, or dip them in the soymilk. Plus, I don’t buy those “cal-free” “healthy” sugar. This may sound really weird to the foodie worlds – but yes, I don’t buy them. I can always taste some weird non-sugar flavor out of them , because anyway they are not sugar. if I want sugar in my sweets, they are purely cane sugar, even though they are not sweeten enough for the scary calorie %DV.    Also as you know, I am such a choco-holic (do I ever confess that I have a whole collection of Lindts 0% to 100% dark chocolate bar package , I mean, emptied package ). but the ones I would buy again and again, are those choco content above 65% at least. Lindts normally have a lower sugar content than American brand. that’s a really bitter sweetness.

I can not imaging a life without sweetness. that’s so me.

3. Breakfast King ( oh no, I mean queen). Breakfast is always my most important meal, and I eat a lot. Drinks, carbs, proteins, fruits, cheese, veggies, eggs. whatever makes me feel energized and pleased for the whole day, I will add them to my breakfast. well, takes about 1 hour to prepare , sitting down, savoring all of these. then, I am really refreshed for the whole day. I just can never go out the door with only coffee and 2 slices of bread , I need to sit and I need to really eat my food, slowly.

okay…I guess it’s already a very long statement about my food philosophy. as said above – i have absolutely no intention to marketing my own food believes. it’s just so much fun to write them out and realize what really makes your food profile. I welcome discussion, and different voices, (as the last sentence of the paper always say :-P). also, I hope my piece of opinion may help to re-think about the food you are savoring every day.

Bon Appetite!

3 responses to “My Food Philosophy

  1. radha

    u are very lucky on the breakfast side! 😆

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  3. I love your food philosophy and all the effort you put into breakfast. And I’m also a massive fan of Lindt dark chocolate (80% is my new love) 🙂

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