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Serious Jet Lagged, and Review of My New Secrete Weapon!

I have never been so tired of travelling…. 7 hours on the flight , exhausted, and 8 hours back. These all happens within 3 days. Where have I been?!

Yes, Amsterdam. Exciting, crazy, wild city. But you can find peace and calm too:

That was quite a trip. Even though it was not as relaxed as I wish it could be, I had a place to clear my mind 🙂  See what I bring back home:

I have been collecting tea cups every where I traveled. Yes I know it is heavy and bulky, but totally worth the effort when you sip tea and have a wonderful afternoon 🙂

So my review of my secrete weapon is long overdue…. 😛 People from CSN stores has generously offer me another opportunity (gift card ) to review their product.  I decided to paid the rest and get this nice bread maker:

This is a $99 bread machine, very beautiful exterior. the ratings on Amazon and some other websites are consistently to be 4.5/5 (  I did the research!). It has LOT of bread options that I am excited about, especially its’ whole wheat bread dough setting, French bread setting, fruit/nuts bread. It also has the express bread making function for 59min bread. I have only try the whole wheat bread, so I will review this function first, and I will leave the others for later.

btw, the paper besides the machine are the bread recipes that I am going to try out.

I made this simple maple whole wheat bread first:

1. 3 cups of whole wheat flour

2. 1 package of yeast ( test in luke warm water)

3. 1 1/4 cup water

4. 1/4 cup of maple syrup.

5. 1 teaspoon of salt.

6. Vital Gluten (to make the bread rise higher , even though it doesn’t work that well….)

7. 1/4 cup of vegetable oil

According to the instructions ( I follow it strictly this time), put the dry ingredient (1,6) on top of wet ingredient (3,4,5,7), and then put the yeast on top of them (very important according to the menu).

Set the menu as ” whole wheat — 1.5LB bread “. Then the timer automatically starts. The total time is 3:48min for this whole wheat bread. It warms up for about 15 mins, and then start to knead, rest, knead, rest, and bake.   You can just walk away and have some fun.

Now comes my perfect whole wheat bread!!! if you read my blog before, you know that I had a unpleasant past with bread making…. But now, my saver is here!!!

Even though you can not see lot of holes in my bread, it is REALLY soft inside. I think the ‘kneading’ process ( which I didn’t pay attention to previously) is extremely important. The exterior is very crusty, perfectly sweetened. I store the bread in a sealed bag for 5 days, still , I enjoy the last piece of it. Just toast them and they taste as freshly made.

For this whole wheat bread, I will give it a 4 /5 . 🙂 the only thing I am a bit disappointed is my bread didn’t rise high enough !! hehe, next time, I will try the combination of 1 cup of bread flour + 2 cups of whole wheat flour, which is recommended, and let you guys know how it goes!

Now I am finally having some fun with bread making!!!


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You Haven’t been to Maryland without Trying the Crab Cake

“what is Maryland famous for????”  my friends asked.

– “crab cake, of course”

“Okay, let’s have crab cake for dinner”

Yah!!! Crab cake is also my favorite food.Since we are not planning to drive 1 hour to Baltimore, we decided to have it in Ruby Tuesday.

So here is the very famous Maryland Crab Cake. Lighted breaded, full of crab meat ( I can’t tell if there is any other ingredients! I can only taste the crab!)  It was juicy and savory dish, I bet you will love it! Highly recommended.

We also ordered the American’t favorite : “Buffalo Wings” !!!!!!! If you like your wings to be a bit ‘drier’ than soggy, this dish is for you!

Salmon Florentine. According to my friends, French fry is a must 🙂

and a salad : surprised to find the edammame there!!! ($3.29, recommend this if you would like to feel less guilty of ordering all meat/seafood as entree!)

Alright. Note that these are for THREE girls:

One hour later: (btw, the salad plate is empty too)

Everyone burps and enjoyed the dinner 😛  I am so happy that my friends finally feel the spirits of “Maryland” ! haha 🙂


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Good Old Friends – Day 1

Last weekend was a blast. I am so blessed with such great friends around me. Even though we haven’t met in person for 4 years. Everything refreshed just as a ‘click’. Witty chat, inspiring talks, and lots lots lots of fun together. I haven’t really feel this ‘rejuvenation’ for quite a long time.  I am extremely happy with my good old friends coming to DC 🙂

Especially, we all really ENJOY food. Maybe we are old enough to not to worry about losing weight.  Start to savor the flavors , enjoy dessert, be adventures about all new dinning experience, which all make every meal even more delicious. Now I really don’t feel comfortable having meal with someone who keep on talking about calories and fat. That is nerve-racking.  What I need is an accompany that says ” M’mmmmm , yummy yummy!! ” 😀

We start the day with my home-made sesame corn bread and hot chocolate:

Have lots of jumps and fun:

haha, yes, that is ME. Doing some really weired jumping. Actually I was trying to pose something more elegant than this….but turns out my friends all love this one!!! looks like I was chasing the sun !

Then we went to Spicy Chinese restaurant for comforting dinner :

It was really spicy…..The spicy fish:

and spicy game hen (…okay, maybe u couldn’t see it…, it was all covered up!)

greenbean with spicy sauce:

I need to recommend this: crispy duck. The duck meat is “cold” , which is really good for the summer (suppose to quench the fire in your body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine). I am trying to figure out how this is made. It was very crispy skins yet not greasy at all. The meat was very tender and juicy.

It was a very pleasant day. I really enjoyed the friendship and the food 🙂 Day 2 dining adventure coming up next!


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