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Summer Blossom

Hi All – long time no see, how’s your summer ?

It has been a while since my last post (actually , it was my guest’s post :-P).  Being lazy for quite a long time, now it’s time to pick it up. I remember, researching and posting recipe is FUN!!!

Before I get into the food business, I would like to share with you the beautiful summer I saw. Hope you enjoy it!

Imagesmall town has its own way for the summer blossom, Carmel


Hearst Castle, the gardenImage

What’s more tranquil than this?


Want some wine to pair with this gorgeous summer ?


Enjoy! Hope summer is treating you well!


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Guest Blog: Healthy Snacks for a Healthy Lifestyle By Jackie Clark

Dear All, Jackie Clark would like to share with you guys her insights in healthy snacks – which I think is really helpful 🙂  Please enjoy this article , and don’t forget to say Hi to Jackie at her inspiring blog 😀

_____________ By Jackie Clark_______________

Healthy snacking is one of the first steps to managing weight and living in good health. Nutrition is the most important factor in a healthy lifestyle. Healthy snacks can help stabilize blood sugar, provide energy, and act as cancer fighting agents.

Cancer treatments can cause unwanted side effects leading to difficulty eating which can cause unwanted weight loss. Side effects such as dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, sore throat and trouble swallowing can decrease the desire to eat, and this can decrease energy rapidly. Medications can also cause increased appetite and weight gain. These healthy snack ideas will keep your energy up, help manage weight, and add nutrition to your diet.

Increasing the protein in your diet can provide much needed energy. Greek Yogurt contains about twice the protein of regular yogurt, and it is easy to consume and digest when having unpleasant side effects. Other healthy snack ideas for protein include smoothies, frozen yogurt, sorbet, instant breakfast drinks, or trail mix. Add nuts like pistachios, or sunflower seeds to your yogurt for extra protein and healthy fats.

If you are undergoing cancer treatment and trying to keep weight on, try healthy snacking as a way to manage weight while still eating nutritiously. Add granola to pudding, custard, and ice cream. Add dried fruit to muffins, bread, or add to trail mix. Try string cheese, cottage cheese or dips made with beans for extra fiber. To reduce fiber intake, try vanilla wafers, ginger snaps, graham crackers, and angel food cake.

According to the American Cancer Society, flaxseed oil has anti-cancer properties. Some research studies have shown evidence that flaxseed prevents the spread of cancer and tumor growth. It is also used for helping constipation, abdominal problems, sore throat, and many other side effects associated with cancer treatments. It can be found in cereals, breakfast bars, multigrain breads, and muffins. Here is a quick and easy recipe that is nutritious for the whole family.

Chocolate Pumpkin Flaxseed Muffins
1 box (18.25 ounces) chocolate cake mix
1 can (15 oz) pureed pumpkin or pumpkin pie mix
Ground flaxseeds

Spray muffin pan or use muffin cups
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Mix the cake mix, pumpkin, and ground flaxseed until evenly blended together.
Pour in muffin cups and bake 15-20 minutes or until cooked in the middle.
Makes approximately 20 to 24 muffins.

Flaxseed has many health benefits for proper nutrition including Omega-3 essential fatty acids, lignans, which have antioxidant qualities, and soluble and insoluble fiber. Flaxseed can be added to almost any healthy recipe. Proper nutrition and healthy snacks can increase your energy and help you feel better no matter your health situation.


Hope you like this blog post shared by Jackie. You can reach her at:  

Have a great weekend, my deal blog friends!

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Moving to California is a BIG project.  Living in a NEW area is a bit intimidating.  Blending in NEW environment can be challenging. Squeeze exercising into BUSY schedule can be difficult. Yet compared to what I gained  , it was nothing.  It has been sunnyall day long, with  temperature around 75F for almost 3 months. Especially when Maryland is expecting a snowy weekend, and San Jose is full of pleasant sunshine, I feel it totally worth the effort !

Just some snap shot from the beautiful weather:


Weekend has been fun. I have been to the mountains:

San Francisco:



For a day trip out in the nature, I always prepare the picnic so I can fully enjoy the scene without worrying about stopping in the city:

This picnic ‘bento’ box (from Lock&Lock) has been my best friend .

See where it ends up:

However if I have a day trip in the city, gotta enjoy the local cuisine!!

There are still lots lots of places waits to be explored. So, California story to be continued….!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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Sometimes Simple Food = Yummy Food

I have never been a big fan of potatoes….it is starch, takes forever to cook, and hard to me to swallow. However, this one , with ‘baby potatoes, has become the staple on my table:

Total Cooking Time : 12 Min

It is about 1 lb potatoes from TJ. Rinse it well, and use this lock&lock pot with lid (by far the most useful thing I ever got from them).

Add about 1 cup of water, Microwave for 8 min or till you can poke it through with a fork.

In the mean time, mince some green onion, prepare the spice:

salt, pepper, cayenne  pepper, cumin.

then, heat up some oil, and sautee the potato. Tip : press the potatoes with a spoon so it gets really nice crusty potato skin .

I have to say this is really delicious!! try it when you have time, my dear blog friends 🙂

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Seriously. Because I only have one pot (pan) now. I have moved from east coast to west coast, and all my furnitures choose to stick with hot and humit Maryland…Even though I find my new apt,  without the accompany of my good old furniture, I feel like living in a hotel!!

The new kitchen is fully equiped. however, no pans, no pots, no plates, no bowls. Thank goodness, the second day, a miracle package appeared in front of my door. Wow it is a new pan from Lock&Lock!! It not only saved me from eating tacos every day, but also saved my $$ to splurge a new pan to pair the new kitchen!

it is beautiful blue:

So, with one pot pan, I am being very creative!!

I use it to make rice:

I use it to boil rice noodles and sautee them with veggies and TJ’ spicy chicken sausage:

I use it to make penne with all kinds of left overs:


Better than tacos !!

Just when I think I can survive with one pan, the moving company called and said that the furniture will be here next Monday. Awesome!! I miss all my kitchen gadgets!!

Hope all is well , my dear blog friends!


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No no no, I am not talking about big Mac and Fried chicken.

I am talking about home-made fast food , ready in 15 min!

Like this chicken fried rice ( sounds familiar – Trader Joes’ fans? :-))

and this chicken fried noodles:

I was never a fan of frozen meat – I felt they all made of mysterious ingredients if you ever watched the Jimmy Olivers show. But Tyson Grilled&Ready Chicken kinda of changed my impression of frozen food.

I got a free sample of this chicken stripes from foodbuzz taster maker program, FYI,  Tyson also made beef stripes and chicken breast if you are intersted.

the nutrition info looks not bad:

in this bag, 80% of them are really big pieces of chicken stripes , and 20% are smaller , which is ideal for chicken fried rice or noodles:) I am surprised that these chicken stripes are PERFECTLY SEASONED according to my palate.

The chicken is actually cooked already, so it shortens the cooking time:


1. using a non-stick frying pan (this is the one from Lock&Lock, super cute!) , heat a bit oil

2. scramble the eggs, then veggies;

3. add already cooked rice / noodles, add about 1/2 cup of water, as well as the frozen chicken stripes, let it simmer for about 5 min, stir occasionally;

4. Done – EAT!

It takes less than 15min, and tastes like a 40 min’s work! 🙂 Enjoy , my dear friends!


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Spicy Baked Tofu with Nuts Sprinkles

I bet you will love it:

This dish is so simple to make and so flavor !!! If you have a crush on Tofu and Nuts – please try this recipe!!!


1. 3/4 package of Firm tofu,

2. Chili pepper (all any kind of spicy condiments you like) with a bit oil.

3. Optional : nuts!! I choose the dry roasted peanuts , I think cashew will work great too:

Steps – well can I just say: slice the tofu , mix everything together and sprinkle the nuts on top?

I love my new lock&lock glass bake dish , especially their bright color on the handles. Again this is a gift from Lock&Lock , I am selected to review their Borosilicate glass baking dish. The handle come with different bright colors – you can serve it directly from oven to table!!!  😀

After 30 minutes in the 350F oven, the tofu is all crispy, chili just melts into the tofu, and nuts are golden brown.

Hope you like it! 🙂 It is a hassle free summer dish!


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I am sure I can survive, when all breakfast and brunch place close. Because I like to make everything myself (“oh come on, you never know how to appreciate the convenience modern life!!!”)

I live on these Goji berry black sesame bread :

I snack on my home made yogurt:

I drink my home made black bean milk:

emmmm, I like all of them. Makes me feel accomplished!

This is especially true when I made the yogurt.

With milk, and yogurt.

Heat the milk (not to all bubbly), stir in the yogurt till it is all smooth. Pour them in the glass jar, open the lid and put them in the yogurt maker.

After 12 hours (longer time for non fat milk, or you would like a thicker yogurt)

You can tell they became yogurt!

Of course, I can not survive if the supermarket is closed. 😛

Have a wonderful day, every one!


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Should I name it as Eggplant Lasagna???

em….can’t think of a proper name for this dish.

How would you name something when it is cheesy, contains multiple layers, and sort of belongs to the ‘comfort food zone’ ?

I would name it something like lasagna….okay I know it sounds weird to most of you 🙂

It was actually created a while ago with the left over from my first “mac&cheese” dish:

So here comes the ingredients: 1. Mac & Cheese ( left over :-p)

2. layer the casserole with eggplant,

sprinkle the dill, and bake for 30 min:

Till the eggplant is tender, and well blend these two. I assure you, the bold chedder gonna melt you…

Unless you cool yourself with the coconut sorbet :

I don’t know where my friend get it. But it taste soooooo coconut!!! it comes with the coconut shell. I insist to have two of them… I can make a ….coconut bra!!! LOL 🙂   (source)


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A Small Break

Thank you all for your bread making advices!!!! Obviously I was too greedy to put all that much ingredients in my loaf pan!

however, the bread itself tastes very good , even it looks crappy:

This has been my breakfast for a week, and I am totally happy with it!

poached egg ( still need to work on it) with dill, bread, home made soymilk, plus some honey dew melon. It tastes great when I dip the bread in the running yolk 🙂

Sometimes I like travelling- set the clock back and just be myself, enjoying food, scene, and people watching.  But when travelling with a mission , it was not that fun at all. I feel every meal is like a combat to fill myself quickly for the next few hours high intensity cognitive work. fortunately, I got a small break for these two weeks before the next few trips. I really miss having food that is light and home made, and not eating in a hurry , or non-stop talking.

Even it is simple as that:

Pepper, edamame, and tofu stir-fry. Sometimes having a quite, home-made meal makes such a joyful day.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend!


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