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My Little Basil !!!

Finally….I settled down in my new apt . It was a lot of work! The best thing ever happened to me , as a chef, is that I now have ย a balcony! (maybe most of you have a large back or front yard ๐Ÿ™‚ ) To fully exploit my little balcony :
I grow some sweet basil , jalapeno pepper, banana pepper, Arugula , and green onion! can you believe it only take 4 weeks for the basil to grow this big?! It makes me feel I am an expert ! haha:)

can’t wait to enjoy it !

With tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, grapeseed oil, pinch salt and pepper.

M’mmmmmm, freshness that I can smell!

and, save the rest of the basil leaves in this air-tight container from Lock&Lock:


and….if it is not too late ~ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all my dear blog friends!!! ย this time, with real moon cake !

With salty egg yolk, and lotus seeds puree:) sweet and salty – just like the one I remembered!



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My Secrete Weapon for Exams!!!!

I know it is mid-term exam time again! Although I haven’t been bothered by exams for almost 3 years, I keep the tradition : having tomato-egg noodle soup before any big event! It is my Mom’s strategy to calm me down when I was young. Surprisingly, I am still rely on it now!

It is incredibly easy, and can be done within 15 mins! Fits in your midterm crunch very well ๐Ÿ˜›

Egg, sliced tomato, and egg noodles (or, any kind of noodles you like )


1. Heat oil in a pot, scramble eggs till they get some browny points.

2. Add tomatoes, sautee for about 2 min, till it is a bit softened.

3. In the same pot, add water, and noodles . Wait till the noodle is well done , add salt and white pepper (works really well in this soup) to taste.

EAT, before you go to exams, interviews, or presentations.

If you still feel uneasy, finishing up with a slices of comforting Tiramisu.

Then I am sure YOU ARE READY!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Has the school started??? Not officially after the labor day:-)

Yeah right. Last week is kind of like ‘pre-school’.ย Occasionally dropped by office, did a bit programming, organizing office and my laptops, and parties on the weekend. After labor day, I need to strike a pose and be ready for the new semester!! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was still steaming hot last week (94 F!!) so COLD salad is my fav…

This is my “VC salad for extreme sun burn“….. too much red and orange?! I read they are good in repairing the sun-burn skins!

So I use:

Two tomatoes, one big orange pepper, one cooked salted duck egg (secrete ingredient!), and silky tofu.

Have you ever tried this? it is a duck egg, salted , and ready to pair with porridge. It is a very typical ‘side dish’ for Chinese, the yolk is salty, a bit creamy with nature ‘egg oil’ (allow me to explain this way). It is also used in the mooncake to symbolize the ‘moon’.

Today I use it in my salad dressing:

I crumbled half egg with some silky tofu . Top them on the salad.

As a typical condiments , the salty egg doesn’t let me down this time. protein and VC. awesome. I hope my skin feel better tomorrow!

o..k…a..y, I just realized that I go for lunch first before the breakfast ๐Ÿ™‚ So here it comes, a Arnold Sandwich Thins creation:

As the courtesy of Arnold bread company and foodbuzz tastemaker program, I got two bags of sandwich thins. One is whole wheat, the other is multigrain. I love multigain one , it has tiny bits of crunchy grains and not that sweet. and they are so thin!! (I need to have two of them to feel like a breakfast!)

I use a typical Chinese condiments (again…): a salty spicy tofu ( I hope the name explain it all):

The tofu is soaked in the salty spicy water (oh forget about the sodium, it is so worth it!), which makes it a perfect spread!

Toast the sandwich, spread the tofu, and egg. Although I never thought I would eat anything salty in the morning , but this totally knocks my socks off!! haha I gotta have it for the next week!


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I went to Boston, yet I forgot my camera…

Oh How silly I am!!!

Even though the trip to Boston is absolutely NOT for fun ( it’s for non-stop, four day talking, getting challenged, and exhausted….), but forgetting my camera is unforgivable!!! The weather was extremely nice —which said to be unusual in Boston.ย I did have time to take a little walk around Harvard square, MIT, along Charles River, and harbor. Nice breeze. Can’t find a better relaxation than that.

And, since we have a daily budget for meals , I spend them all, I spend them all, I spend them all….I really like two Thai food place in Copley Place – one is Chili Duck, the other is Thai Basil. The Sushi is superb too, especially that Dauzo…..I wish I had recorded those moments for you! But if you got a chance to visit Boston, I highly recommend these place to satisfy your picky stomach!

So when I am back home, I make a little note for myself – get a small digital camera soon, so I can take it with me anywhere!

I feel sorry that I couldn’t share with my dear blog friends about Boston…but i do have some other food pictures:

another Buitoni Salad!

I got this Buitoni coupon from Foodbuzz taste maker program ( again! thanks ! ) it finally helps me to find the one I love!!!

This is the wild mushroom Agnolotti. ( who can help me pronounce this name! :-P)

I make this salad with two vine tomatoes, sweet corn, ย sweet peas and just a little bit red onion ( I don’t want to burn my stomach again!)

Drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar, Dill, and pinch salt and pepper.

This time, I am VERY satisfied with the filling!!! there is A LOT mushroom, that I can really see. It seems that the mushroom is blended with cheese already. Taste very cheesy ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you able to see it ? ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy !!


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Start Off the Day with …..Salad ?!?!?!?!

There has been a long-time debate inside of me – whether I should try salad in the morning:

Oh…Vegetables…..though I adore them, can it help me go through the morning without opening fridge ?!?! I remember Aletheia did it before, yet she is a purely vegetarian and she is so slim – she doesn’t need that much energy ๐Ÿ˜›

Carb and cheese used to be my breakfast staple:

I kinda obsessed with the protein and complex carb in the morning. Therefore my breakfast is always made of bread/waffle/muffin + soymilk + cheese or egg. If I am going salad….where do I get the protein and carb?

Ah -huh: b-l-a-c-k-b-e-a-n-s!!!!!!!!! I just boiled some the day before. It is a great source of fiber, protein and carb!!!!!

So, after one night of struggling , I decided to start off the day with a salad:

That made of baby spinach, chopped onion, tomato, and corns

with splash of white balsamic vinegar, dill, lemon and pepper:

Top with Black beans, sided with sliced fuji apples, and pair with French Vanilla tea.

Wooohoooo!!! It’s so fresh and crisp, the beautiful colors totally cheered me up for the day! ย It feels so good to finally make a change to my breakfast staples ๐Ÿ˜›

It is a pretty simple salad, as my first try for the breakfast ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad I hold on till 11:54am for lunch – I am sure those black bean works!

emmmm….now I need to think of more morning salad ๐Ÿ™‚ any ideas, dear blog friends?


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