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A Gooda Gooda Friday ~~~~

Finally I know why I got allergies this spring, obviously its because of my dissertation work!

We got T-storm last night, and the temperature coming back down to 60 something (from 90F!!!, can u believe it , in April, in Maryland!) my skin allergy gets better, and my car is free of yellow pollens , woooohoooo!!!!!

and, what make the life sweeter, I got the chocolate bar from Aletheia !!!

a 70% organic chocolate with gingerbread ( Oh yeah GINGER BREAD! GINGER BREAD!GINGER BREAD! my FAV!!! that x’mas is not over yet, hehe), cranberries and Mandarin. it just made my day. I feel soooo much better from long day of work and seminars and meetings, and finally get into the Friday mood!

I met with Aletheia here, on my food blog, when I just started it last October. We kinda see each others’ “path” on the food blog. thoughts, comments, emails,  and food creations, bind us in a unique and amazing way. I have never met her since she is so far in Canada, however, I have a feeling that if we see each other one day, there will be endless chatting and laughing between us. why? I don’t know. Sometimes I just got the instinct that we are totally “matched’ type of people. Alethia is a very thoughtful young girl ( yeah, much younger than me ), and she does the blog just for the blog instead of something else. If you got chance, please stop by and say hi to this sweet girl !!!

Dark chocolate, my cup of tea. forever. Never get bored savoring a piece of chocolate.

I add this precious gift to my chocolate collection:

while, actually I am a bit over -do in the chocolate collection:


em….don’t misunderstand me, i am not living on chocolate. I still eat normally food:

This is the last post of my salmon series: Simple Asparagus with Smoked Salmon.

Sauté the asparagus with pinch salt. add smoked salmon.  that’s it. like 5 min meal!  I like the soft texture of smoked salmon, and of cause its very special flavor. Yet it is a bit salty eating it directly. I think use it as pizza topping, or in sandwich might be better.

Blogging adds color to my life , and brings REAL friends to my life. Thank you all, dear blog friends. I hope every one has a wonderful weekend!!!!


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It’s Spring Break!!!

Hey Hey Hey everyone – spring break is fiiiinaaaanly here!!! I am so excited!! well, not as excited as my 2007, while I was in Austria:

or as my 2008, while I was in Argentina, the glacier

or as my 2009, while I was in Barcelona:

in 2010….I am stay here, happily, and hopefully do as much work as I can before the proposal defense in April 🙂 I am gonna make it up in 2011!!!

okay…if I am staying, I am gonna make this week really pleasant , by some nice food!! I bought smoked salmon yesterday. Writing papers makes me dizzy and craving for proteins as crazy! I have never been such a carnivore before 😛

hmmm….this is the first time I get wild Alaska smoked salmon …. eating raw always sounds a challenge to me. I even googled online to see if I should eat it directly (please, don’t laugh!! haha ) okay. sounds like there is a pretty popular version of lox. but I don’t have the bagel. I has asparagus!!! how about wrap some smoked salmon on the asparagus???

M’mmmm I can already imagine the nice color combination …

but when I try to cut the salmon in stripes, oh damn it!!! it all falls apart!!! there is NO WAY I can have nice strips to roll the asparagus up!

Plan B: make a smoked salmon sauce OVER asparagus. should be nice huh?

So I dig out my dill and cottage cheese, and make this bowl of sauce in a pretty liberal way:

and pair it with stir-fried asparagus:

ahahahhaha, NICE!!! the color combination looks awesome! that’s what I want ! and save me lot of trouble from wrapping 🙂

after mixing the cottage cheese and smoked salmon together, I just pour it over the asparagus , and finished the whole plate !! so satisfying!!!

now back to my previous post of truth or lies….I am a good liar!!  (wait, is that a compliment?)

1. I am a night owl. I stay up REALLY late….

Nope – I try to go to bed as early as possible , especially these days, around 10:30pm or so. since I heard a really scary story that your liver begins to detox in 11pm…..

2. I can eat the whole jar of almond butter in one day.

Ahhhahahahhaa, YES!!! isn’t that scary?! but I do LOVE nuts butter!

3. I take good care of my car – no dent at all!! I am a great driver!

Nope – I am a good driver…but I am a poor parker. I hit  my car TWICE!!!$%*($*& while I was parking. sigh!

4. I call my parents ( they are in China), once a week.

Nope- actually I call them almost every day. I am the only kid in my family, and I know my parents need me now.

5. I don’t like talking while I am having dinner.

Nope!!!! I LOVE talking while eating ! I know its not polite, but I feel chat over the dinner table is a great way to bond with family and friends 🙂

6. I had never blogged before.

Nope. I had a blog , but its about my life, instead of food. obviously I find more passion in talking about food!

7. I updates my status on facebook every day!

Nope. I am not a tech geek. You can tell that I am not updating my blog every day!

surprised, aren’t you ? what a $%(#$*& are you, buddy?! hahaha

hope you have a goooood night, my dear blogger friends 🙂


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