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It was a Hot-Pot Party!!!

There are lots of things to celebrate : mid-autumn festival, end of toughest interview week, smooth transition into the new semester, AND, a product review opportunity from CSN store, again!. Check out their new Ottoman Coffee Table! I am so excited, because I already decided the product to review !!! ( and you will know what it is soon!) 🙂

So, we decided to celebrate with A HOT POT PARTY~~~

I love hot-pot party —- because I am lazy….:-P LOL

Hot pot party does need you to bake, marinade, knead the dough, etc. Just bring the pot of water to boil and you are good to go!!!!!! The ONLY thing you need to do is preparing enough veggie, tofu, and shaved meat for the hot pot!

apparently our table is not big enough. We have two gigantic pots, one is with seafood sauce, the other is spicy sauce (saute the sauce in a sauce pan, pour them into the pot, add hot water and let it boil!)

on the table, you can see (left to right, bottom to top): Mung bean noodles, Enoki Mushroom,home-made horsebean, seaweed, shaved beef and lamb, steamed pork rib, tofu , fried gluten ( sorry I don’t know how to translate, but it is fried gluten!, haha:-)), Parsley,Crown Daisy. oh, it’s not over yet:

Here are thin mung bean noodles, and tofu ‘noodles’, fried tofu and fried gluten. They are all perfect for hot pot!

So what we do is simply dip all the stuff in those two big pot , at most for 2 minutes, and eat! Tofu, veggie and shaved meat are quickly ‘marinaded’ with all the flavor from seafood sauce and spicy sauce, very savory and fresh! See, there are so many varieties and it is so easy to prepare!

I made this as a side dish: five spice horsebean.   It is a great snack pairing with any meal . Just soak the bean over night, stew the bean with Chinese five spice seasoning, light soy sauce, for about 1.5 hours , till the beans are tender. It fully absorb the spice, and so much fun to crack it from the shell! High in fiber and taste great!

My roommate made this: steamed pork rib:

It might look a bit oily for my healthy blogger friends, BUT I have to say, this is the MOST popular dish that night!!! Meat lovers, this is the one you shouldn’t miss, and I will definitely made it again myself!

Ingredients:  pork rib, 1 onion, Shacha Sauce which is made of “from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chilis, brill fish, and dried shrimp”, goes very well with all kinds of meat.

steps: marinate the pork rib in white wine and shacha sauce for about 30 minutes. Slice the onion and put them underneath the rib. Steam them for 2 hours. Viola! You will love this one, I guarantee. It was actually NOT greasy at all.

It is a very typical Chinese party. I really enjoy the hot pot!!!



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