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You Haven’t been to Maryland without Trying the Crab Cake

“what is Maryland famous for????”  my friends asked.

– “crab cake, of course”

“Okay, let’s have crab cake for dinner”

Yah!!! Crab cake is also my favorite food.Since we are not planning to drive 1 hour to Baltimore, we decided to have it in Ruby Tuesday.

So here is the very famous Maryland Crab Cake. Lighted breaded, full of crab meat ( I can’t tell if there is any other ingredients! I can only taste the crab!)  It was juicy and savory dish, I bet you will love it! Highly recommended.

We also ordered the American’t favorite : “Buffalo Wings” !!!!!!! If you like your wings to be a bit ‘drier’ than soggy, this dish is for you!

Salmon Florentine. According to my friends, French fry is a must 🙂

and a salad : surprised to find the edammame there!!! ($3.29, recommend this if you would like to feel less guilty of ordering all meat/seafood as entree!)

Alright. Note that these are for THREE girls:

One hour later: (btw, the salad plate is empty too)

Everyone burps and enjoyed the dinner 😛  I am so happy that my friends finally feel the spirits of “Maryland” ! haha 🙂



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