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Do you use steamer? Steamed Sa Cha Beef :-)

When I was in China, my parents used steamer a lot : for buns, for fresh fish, for crab, for etc., etc., etc. However, I have never really steam a lot of things here. It takes longer, and I don’t have the proper tools. You know, it is always a difficult job to get the bowl out of the pot  – I don’t want to burn my hand! !

But people from CSN store has generously offered me a Oster Food Steamer. It is a review post that long over due…. I received the steamer late Jan , and finally I got to use them!

When I got it, I was so excited. It looks exactly as what my parents have:

This is a ‘compressed’ version : one layer:

You can extend them:

😀 isn’t that cool ? ! It is extremely easy and safe to use (did you notice they give instructions on the side? )

So I made a dish that I have been craving for:

Steamed Sa Sha Beef with Japanese Yam !

My old ways dealing with meat (all kinds of red meat, actually), is to make soup. Today, I tried something new!

It doesn’t look fabulous. But I promise, it tastes fabulous. The beef is soooooo tender after being steamed for 2 hours. The flavorful fat juice has all been absorbed by the Yam, which renders the sweetness with a salty, sa cha twist.

So here is the ingredients:

stew beef chunks, soy sauce, rice wine, and…..

Sa Cha Sauce!!! A seafood based sauce, combined with onion powder, garlic powder and thousands secrete ingredients that makes it goes well with so many stuff ! I am being very generous today , spooning a lot of sa cha sauce into my beef marinade.

after marinade the beef for 1 hour, I carefully lay them over the sliced yam. Of course you can use any kind of yam, or potato, or taro (drooooling!). Steam for 2 hours and you will be mesmerized by the unique Sa Cha flavor !!!

Hope you love it, my friends!



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