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Good Chef Needs A Good Frying Pan

Not the one that gets sticky all the time!!!

I ruined my stainless steel pan 2 months ago by caramelize onions for 20minutes. It became BLACK. Literally, changing from this:

to THIS:

I am not joking. I would be much happier if “black” in my stainless steel pan means “non-stick”. Unfortunately, it STICKS all the time.

So you can imaging how excited I was when I open the Lock&Lock supporter package last week!!!!

It is an awesome, fancy, hip, ceramic (and I assume it means non-stick), flower patterned frying pan!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I keep on bombing you with the pan :-p, but this is where the food comes from!!! I can not wait to try:

With just a little bit oil, I sauteed some pork . It is totally Non-stick !!! according to manual, the flowering pattern at the bottom of the pan prevent the food from sticking, and the pan is made with Non-toxic, eco-friendly coating materials. Well, I have to say, the color is an awesome addition to  my kitchen too!

I made this: snow pea with pork:

and I love the color so much , so I just use the frying pan as another plate!

My happy meal : brown rice, egg tomato with black fungus, snow pea with pork!

I am really happy with this frying pan – because I want to be a terrific chef !



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Soup Time! Sweet warm treat for you :-)

First of all, I got One Lovely Blog Award from “Cooking-Gallery“,  a beautiful, artistic food blog you don’t want to miss! She is now making lots of very cute bento boxes , and all her food creation is ,…, literally, ART. Check it out 🙂

The temp is going up and down like crazy….but still , I realized that winter is going away, and summer (or spring break) is coming soon! It also means that it’s less likely for me to truly appreciate the cozy warm soup in a snow day. So I made a soup today to officially say GoodBye to Winter time!

This is a naturally sweet soup. As you can see all the ingredients:

It may sounds like a strange combination. But trust me, this is a traditional Cantonese soup. Short rib pork, carrots, and sweet corn (on cob). Yes. that is it. Even no salt is needed. Just throw these three ingredients (of course with several slices of ginger) in to a big pot, add enough water. Let it stew for 2 hours. Viola!!!

I make a quick stir-fried rice with chicken breast and cumin (secrete ingredient!!!)

You then can enjoy this sweet, nutritious soup 🙂 btw, the corn is my favorite part of the soup!

Enjoy the soup and say hi to spring!


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