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Powered by Breakfast

Nice Weather outside 😀 want to take a day off, do some reading and have some fun in spring!

What is your favorite meal of the day?????

mine is breakfast. normally lunch is either at school or quick at home, I am not really in a mood to prepare for a fancy meal. and dinner, while, since I am eating alone, have a big table set up sounds a bit weired.

But breakfast is different. I have pretty good mood to prepare a big plate, cutting fruits, churning oats, toasting bread, spreading cheese, adding a bit almonds , biting a few chocolates….oh man. I can’t believe I am eating so much for breakfast!

Today’s Breakfast Menu :

Soymilk made with black rice, black bean, soy bean, walnuts, almonds, and peanuts.

pink grapefruit

Baked egg

steel-cut oats with wheat bran and blueberries.

the soymilk ingredients

The steel-cut oats is now my favorite. The “creamy” texture drag me from bed early in the morning . I found a trick to easily prepare this take-forever-to-boil steel cut oats: bring the water and the steel cut oats to boil , and turn off the stove. let it sit over night with the lid on. then the next day, it only takes about 10 minutes to be ready to serve.

and the EGGGGGGG:

Unexpectedly Delicious!!!!

I am not a big egg eater-never really eat eggs for breakfast, but this one will be added to my breakfast menu for the next week, or maybe next month!!!!!!! I have never tried a baked egg. just kinda did it for fun this morning because of the cute bakeware I got in pier one the other day. I didn’t expected it would be so yum!

I did NOTHING, just sprinkle pinch salt, lemon &pepper, plus dills. Baked at 350 degree for 10 mins while I was cooking oats. I would highly recommend u try this one out.  I promise you will love it !!!

and what sweetens the deal is, the people from CSN Stores have generously offers me an opportunity to review a product from their website with a pretty cool name: Home Bars.

Oh yeah, right on!!! I am such a breakfast person 😀 that I am totally into a waffle maker!! I am amazed by the wide selections they have, yet it doesn’t take long for me to decide which product I want to review: a double duty waffle and sandwich maker. M’mmm, I am already thinking of thousands of waffle and sandwich recipes for my breakfast menu!!! Just can’t wait 🙂



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I need a pick-me-up: Mantou Pudding or Bun Bun Pudding?

Remember this week is spring break, and I have decided to stay here to work on my essays? yeah – time flies by , my model still gives me crappy result. That really makes me feel down, down, down. It’s hard to make complains nowadays, to my parents? no, they don’t really understand what I am doing and how much painful this model estimation process will be. To my friends? maybe not a good idea – those who are doing their PhD are already immersed themselves in this pain-in-the ass process and hearing more complains would reminds of their bad days… those who are not doing their PhD probably don’t have to worry about the model estimation at all , and they are wondering what the heck are you doing right now??!!! To professors??? maybe ….yet they are hoping I could get something out by the end of spring break.

I was really frustrated and depressed. Wondering what to do in the next step.

well, I know I really need to get myself out of these bad mood. when I was wandering in my room, I came across this piece of paper that has been hang on the back of my door for 2 years, yet I seldom give it a read. It says:

I am blessed with everything I need

My happiness depends on me

Life is beautiful

My life is complete

I am wise and experience

I have a lot of love to give

I am a loyal and fun friend

I am a faithful and committed lover

I love being myself

I know what I want

I am satisfied with who I have become

I have great friends and family who love me

I have a great heart and warm spirit

I don’t want anything from anyone

Only I can change my life

I can change unhappy situations

I am a beautiful and strong woman.

well said. I can change unhappy situations and I am a strong woman. There is nothing could beat me down. I will face the problem and find the way out. Suddenly I feel so much relieved. I am blessed to be who I have become now, and I believe everything will be alright. Tomorrow, is another day.

Okay, after rumbling for so long , let me bring it back to food. I really need a pick-me-up today. So I made this sweet treat: Mantou Pudding.

It’s not bread pudding, its the Mantou pudding, or Bun Bun Pudding! In China, the Buns is called Mantou 😀

I got quite a few buns from coco, (thank you!! ) that was really the softest Mantou I have ever eaten here ! after devouring it for several days in its plain form, I decided to exploit its maximum utilities.

So I use:

FIVE eggs (Five!!! oh mine, this is the largest amount of eggs I have ever used in my recipe).

about 1.5 buns, and 4 slices of whole wheat double fiber bread.

1/3 cup of Tj’s blueberry ( I need to recommend this: its huge blueberries!)

Unsweetened coconut flakes ( optional)

and NO sugar needed since the buns are slightly sweet.


Cut the mantou and bread in cubes, beat the eggs, mix them all together and sprinkle the coconut flakes:

alright, easy enough huh 🙂 send it to the oven, 350 degrees for 30 min.

the edges come out really crunchy. and the roasted coconut flakes makes the whole room nice and sweet.

I feel,

Life is short – have some dessert.

Life is short – let’s appreciate what we already have.

Life is short – let’s be proud of what we already achieve.

Lief is short – let’s find that strength, joy, and peace in mind.


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