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Start Off the Day with …..Salad ?!?!?!?!

There has been a long-time debate inside of me – whether I should try salad in the morning:

Oh…Vegetables…..though I adore them, can it help me go through the morning without opening fridge ?!?! I remember Aletheia did it before, yet she is a purely vegetarian and she is so slim – she doesn’t need that much energy πŸ˜›

Carb and cheese used to be my breakfast staple:

I kinda obsessed with the protein and complex carb in the morning. Therefore my breakfast is always made of bread/waffle/muffin + soymilk + cheese or egg. If I am going salad….where do I get the protein and carb?

Ah -huh: b-l-a-c-k-b-e-a-n-s!!!!!!!!! I just boiled some the day before. It is a great source of fiber, protein and carb!!!!!

So, after one night of struggling , I decided to start off the day with a salad:

That made of baby spinach, chopped onion, tomato, and corns

with splash of white balsamic vinegar, dill, lemon and pepper:

Top with Black beans, sided with sliced fuji apples, and pair with French Vanilla tea.

Wooohoooo!!! It’s so fresh and crisp, the beautiful colors totally cheered me up for the day! Β It feels so good to finally make a change to my breakfast staples πŸ˜›

It is a pretty simple salad, as my first try for the breakfast πŸ˜€ Glad I hold on till 11:54am for lunch – I am sure those black bean works!

emmmm….now I need to think of more morning salad πŸ™‚ any ideas, dear blog friends?



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