Seriously. Because I only have one pot (pan) now. I have moved from east coast to west coast, and all my furnitures choose to stick with hot and humit Maryland…Even though I find my new apt,  without the accompany of my good old furniture, I feel like living in a hotel!!

The new kitchen is fully equiped. however, no pans, no pots, no plates, no bowls. Thank goodness, the second day, a miracle package appeared in front of my door. Wow it is a new pan from Lock&Lock!! It not only saved me from eating tacos every day, but also saved my $$ to splurge a new pan to pair the new kitchen!

it is beautiful blue:

So, with one pot pan, I am being very creative!!

I use it to make rice:

I use it to boil rice noodles and sautee them with veggies and TJ’ spicy chicken sausage:

I use it to make penne with all kinds of left overs:


Better than tacos !!

Just when I think I can survive with one pan, the moving company called and said that the furniture will be here next Monday. Awesome!! I miss all my kitchen gadgets!!

Hope all is well , my dear blog friends!



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2 responses to “One-Pot-Meal

  1. Loving the blue on your new pan, Tou Tou. And way to put that pan to use cooking up different dishes in different ways. Hope your furniture has arrived already, if not then soon. Take care, my dear.

  2. Welcome to West Coast Tou Tou…even with all my pots and pans I love one pot meal…sometime I just feel lazy and these are the best ones.
    Hope you got your furniture and the kitchen gadgets…
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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