Miso Soup ….M’mmmm Yummm!

Do you like Miso Soup?

It is “traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock called “dashi” into which is mixed softened miso paste”.  Although high in sodium (over 400% DV), one cup (275 g) of miso paste is an excellent source of dietary fiber (59%) and protein (64% DV), as well as a good source of minerals . Miso paste is also high in amino acids, the basic building blocks of protein. An excellent source of vitamin K and a decent source of riboflavin (38% DV), miso also provides small amounts of other vitamins. One major benefit of miso is its extremely high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content. (source)

I like miso soup because of its delicate flavor, and they are so easy to make! All you need is miso paste, seaweed, and tofu:

Do you know the ‘correct way’ to make the miso soup? A trick of the tray to avoid lump in your miso soup:  we should dissolve miso paste in a smaller cup of hot soup separately, and pour it back to the pot 🙂

It is ready within 10 minutes, and with this colorful pot from Lock&Lock, I can place it directly on my table!

It goes well with almost any dish: I just quickly sauteed some pearl onion and edamame.

And finish the meal with a cup cake :

Enjoy ! Hope you have a cool summer !




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2 responses to “Miso Soup ….M’mmmm Yummm!

  1. I love miso soup! It’s so easy and yummy, and miso paste is like the perfect soup base for me – healthy, natural, and without cooking carcasses for hours. 😉 I’ve had classical miso soup a couple of times, but I mostly make “fusion” miso soups with lots of vegetables, chicken or fish, and various herbs and spices.

  2. Love miso soup! Simple, delicious, and pure comfort. Great tip on separating the miso and dissolving it in a smaller pot first.

    It’s been a while Tou Tou. Hope you’re having a fantastic summer!

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