Good Chef Needs A Good Frying Pan

Not the one that gets sticky all the time!!!

I ruined my stainless steel pan 2 months ago by caramelize onions for 20minutes. It became BLACK. Literally, changing from this:

to THIS:

I am not joking. I would be much happier if “black” in my stainless steel pan means “non-stick”. Unfortunately, it STICKS all the time.

So you can imaging how excited I was when I open the Lock&Lock supporter package last week!!!!

It is an awesome, fancy, hip, ceramic (and I assume it means non-stick), flower patterned frying pan!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I keep on bombing you with the pan :-p, but this is where the food comes from!!! I can not wait to try:

With just a little bit oil, I sauteed some pork . It is totally Non-stick !!! according to manual, the flowering pattern at the bottom of the pan prevent the food from sticking, and the pan is made with Non-toxic, eco-friendly coating materials. Well, I have to say, the color is an awesome addition to  my kitchen too!

I made this: snow pea with pork:

and I love the color so much , so I just use the frying pan as another plate!

My happy meal : brown rice, egg tomato with black fungus, snow pea with pork!

I am really happy with this frying pan – because I want to be a terrific chef !



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8 responses to “Good Chef Needs A Good Frying Pan

  1. Yay, I’m glad you like your new frying pan, Tou Tou! It looks so convenient! I, too, hate when food sticks on my pans. I haven’t made any black, but I’ve come very close 😛 This pan looks perfect! I like what you chose for a happy meal, especially that egg, tomato, and black fungus (one of my favorites!).

    Have a wonderful week, Tou Tou!

  2. I love that you could use this frying pan as a plate also. It sure doesn’t look like a normal frying pan, much fancier 😉 Hope we get to see the many dishes you cook on this oan.

  3. Oh I probably need that because I burn all my skillets all the time!! It’s an annoying habit of mine, because I’m so impatient for food to cook so I turn up the heat to its max.

  4. What a healthy, delicious and fulfilling meal…! I am trying to eat more brown rice too nowadays even though I still use white rice when make something related to bento ;).

  5. Love your pan. You are very right. A good chef needs a good frying pan. I’m sure you are going to enjoy cooking everyday. I would love to see lots from you 😀 Have fun cooking!

  6. TouTou…nice looking pan, and I love your Happy Meal…
    Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  7. What a pretty new pan! The flower pattern is so cute. And the ceramic sounds a lot healthier than teflon non-stick – yay!

  8. Stick pans are horror! 😯 Your new one looks amazing, and I love the flower pattern! Reminds me of the fact that I also need a new frying pan … But I never never saw such a beautiful pattern over here, so I guess I’ll just stick to a regular one.

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