Swedish Meatball Makes a Easy and Satisfying Meal!

I never really liked meatballs. I always feel they are salty, stuffing, dry, meaty , balls. Everytime my friends order the meatball sub, or meatball spaghettis, I feel like they are ‘out of my league’, immediately. :-p

However, things changed after I tried these :

For $6.99, I got big bag of swedish meatball from Ikea (first time I tried something other than their almond cake!)

It is so easy to cook (in oven for like 10 minutes, or stove top with other veggies for 10 min), juicy, soft, not very salty, perfectly portioned. I top them on my veggies:

with 180 cal for 6 meatballs, not bad!

My cousin love these too. She said “yeah, they are good – because they add lots of corn starch!” haha, anyway, the soft juicy meatball, does make a very satisfying meal!

It’s great to be back to foodie world! Not only I am savoring every meal (high or low cal), but also I am offered another chance to work with CSN store 😀 Check out their backyard swing sets ! I don’t have a backyard….yet, but I definitely will in a few years and enjoy swing!



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7 responses to “Swedish Meatball Makes a Easy and Satisfying Meal!

  1. i just recently went to Ikea to eat for the first time cause they had a kids eat free offer (i’m so cheap lol). i ordered their salmon and was not very impressed. my hubby oredered their meatballs and really liked them. i’m not a big meatballs fan either but i’m going to have to give these a try. everyone seems to rave about how good they are.

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    you were brave to purchase them!!! But they seem pretty good … I need to check them out too! 😉

  3. I always love the Ikea Swedish Meatballs….very delicious! I even love eating at their cafe there 😀

  4. I have eaten Ikea meatballs, but have not purchase them yet…now with your post, will definitely try it at home 🙂 By the way welcome back 😉

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