You Haven’t been to Maryland without Trying the Crab Cake

“what is Maryland famous for????”  my friends asked.

– “crab cake, of course”

“Okay, let’s have crab cake for dinner”

Yah!!! Crab cake is also my favorite food.Since we are not planning to drive 1 hour to Baltimore, we decided to have it in Ruby Tuesday.

So here is the very famous Maryland Crab Cake. Lighted breaded, full of crab meat ( I can’t tell if there is any other ingredients! I can only taste the crab!)  It was juicy and savory dish, I bet you will love it! Highly recommended.

We also ordered the American’t favorite : “Buffalo Wings” !!!!!!! If you like your wings to be a bit ‘drier’ than soggy, this dish is for you!

Salmon Florentine. According to my friends, French fry is a must 🙂

and a salad : surprised to find the edammame there!!! ($3.29, recommend this if you would like to feel less guilty of ordering all meat/seafood as entree!)

Alright. Note that these are for THREE girls:

One hour later: (btw, the salad plate is empty too)

Everyone burps and enjoyed the dinner 😛  I am so happy that my friends finally feel the spirits of “Maryland” ! haha 🙂



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8 responses to “You Haven’t been to Maryland without Trying the Crab Cake

  1. oh my god, that was very great food. my favor. i love them. seafood. crab. you ganna buy me some next time.

  2. I LOVE crab cakes too! As long as I can taste the crab, I don’t care what other ingredients are in there. Oh, actually I’ve had some with celery before and I hated it. I’m not a big celery fan. Dinner looks great! Im sure I would’ve been able to finish the fish and crab cakes on my own. Hubby doesn’t like to share with me cause he knows I can eat lol.

    By the way, my email is not working for some reason, so to answer your question about the duck dish, I think it’s a Chinese dish. We used to order it in restaurants a lot but not many restaurants make it anymore cause it’s a lot of work. Next time I eat it I’ll be sure to take a picture for you 😀

  3. Oooh…I love crab cakes too. Love every dish there, too. No wonder everyone is happy. I would, too. I would be smiling the whole day with such good food 😀

  4. So next time I’m in the area, you’re bringing me crabcakes. Deal? Deal! 🙂

  5. Craab cakes are the bomb! And your friends are right, fries are a must!

  6. A delicious dinner – I would definitely order all those items … for myself 😉 I love crabcakes, too – and you’re right that there aren’t any other ingredients. They are just supposed to have crab and some kind of binder (like egg) and seasoning. I’m glad you enjoyed them! And that salad looks great (and not too expensive!).

    Have a great day, dear Tou Tou! 🙂

  7. Oh! I love crab cakes…specially the ones that have big pieces of crab meat…so yummie!

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