Should I name it as Eggplant Lasagna???

em….can’t think of a proper name for this dish.

How would you name something when it is cheesy, contains multiple layers, and sort of belongs to the ‘comfort food zone’ ?

I would name it something like lasagna….okay I know it sounds weird to most of you 🙂

It was actually created a while ago with the left over from my first “mac&cheese” dish:

So here comes the ingredients: 1. Mac & Cheese ( left over :-p)

2. layer the casserole with eggplant,

sprinkle the dill, and bake for 30 min:

Till the eggplant is tender, and well blend these two. I assure you, the bold chedder gonna melt you…

Unless you cool yourself with the coconut sorbet :

I don’t know where my friend get it. But it taste soooooo coconut!!! it comes with the coconut shell. I insist to have two of them… I can make a ….coconut bra!!! LOL 🙂   (source)



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7 responses to “Should I name it as Eggplant Lasagna???

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    this looks really comforting!!! 😀 cheese + pasta is always a winner! 🙂

    oh.. btw, those coconut sorbets can be found in costco 🙂

  2. Um…I would call that delicious!
    Om nom nom 😛

    Great way to use up your leftovers Tou Tou. I love eggplants and I love Mac n Cheese so I know I would love your dish.

    Ooh, and I want some of that coconut sorbet too. Luv that it’s in the coconut shell. Too funny about the coconut bra! I literally lol-ed. You’re so cute :-D.

  3. Wow…you always have healthy good food there! Wish I can always join you 😀

  4. I made something like that before. I called it EGGPLASTA. Eggplant + pasta. Get it? 😉

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