A Small Break

Thank you all for your bread making advices!!!! Obviously I was too greedy to put all that much ingredients in my loaf pan!

however, the bread itself tastes very good , even it looks crappy:

This has been my breakfast for a week, and I am totally happy with it!

poached egg ( still need to work on it) with dill, bread, home made soymilk, plus some honey dew melon. It tastes great when I dip the bread in the running yolk 🙂

Sometimes I like travelling- set the clock back and just be myself, enjoying food, scene, and people watching.  But when travelling with a mission , it was not that fun at all. I feel every meal is like a combat to fill myself quickly for the next few hours high intensity cognitive work. fortunately, I got a small break for these two weeks before the next few trips. I really miss having food that is light and home made, and not eating in a hurry , or non-stop talking.

Even it is simple as that:

Pepper, edamame, and tofu stir-fry. Sometimes having a quite, home-made meal makes such a joyful day.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend!



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7 responses to “A Small Break

  1. That looks like a great breakfast Tou Tou! I wouldn’t mind having that for the week as it’s healthy and there’s something very comforting about a runny yolk with bread. Never tried eggs with dill though – sounds yummy! Needless to say, your stir fry is enticing me as well. Two great healthy dishes, my friend. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hey! Your poached egg looks pretty good! Did you overcook it? It looks perfect to me though, esp with the sprinkle of herbs on top.

  3. That’s a beautiful poached egg, Tou Tou! I htink you did a great job with it! I know I want to eat it, and I love poached eggs. Mmm, especially dipping bread in it, like you do 🙂 I agree, eating at home where I can just enjoy the pleasure of cooking and eating my own food is the best thing in the world. I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy it a little! Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

  4. crystinelover

    i like that breadfast

  5. NICE BREAD!!! verrrry nice ❤

    have a wonderful week love!

  6. just transfer my msn blog to this blog, now we have the same one

  7. we have a same blog from now on

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