Has the school started??? Not officially after the labor day:-)

Yeah right. Last week is kind of like ‘pre-school’. Occasionally dropped by office, did a bit programming, organizing office and my laptops, and parties on the weekend. After labor day, I need to strike a pose and be ready for the new semester!! 🙂

It was still steaming hot last week (94 F!!) so COLD salad is my fav…

This is my “VC salad for extreme sun burn“….. too much red and orange?! I read they are good in repairing the sun-burn skins!

So I use:

Two tomatoes, one big orange pepper, one cooked salted duck egg (secrete ingredient!), and silky tofu.

Have you ever tried this? it is a duck egg, salted , and ready to pair with porridge. It is a very typical ‘side dish’ for Chinese, the yolk is salty, a bit creamy with nature ‘egg oil’ (allow me to explain this way). It is also used in the mooncake to symbolize the ‘moon’.

Today I use it in my salad dressing:

I crumbled half egg with some silky tofu . Top them on the salad.

As a typical condiments , the salty egg doesn’t let me down this time. protein and VC. awesome. I hope my skin feel better tomorrow!

o..k…a..y, I just realized that I go for lunch first before the breakfast 🙂 So here it comes, a Arnold Sandwich Thins creation:

As the courtesy of Arnold bread company and foodbuzz tastemaker program, I got two bags of sandwich thins. One is whole wheat, the other is multigrain. I love multigain one , it has tiny bits of crunchy grains and not that sweet. and they are so thin!! (I need to have two of them to feel like a breakfast!)

I use a typical Chinese condiments (again…): a salty spicy tofu ( I hope the name explain it all):

The tofu is soaked in the salty spicy water (oh forget about the sodium, it is so worth it!), which makes it a perfect spread!

Toast the sandwich, spread the tofu, and egg. Although I never thought I would eat anything salty in the morning , but this totally knocks my socks off!! haha I gotta have it for the next week!



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8 responses to “Has the school started??? Not officially after the labor day:-)

  1. You’re super creative with your Chinese ingredients Tou Tou! I never would’ve thought to use them in the ways you did – luv it! I can totally eat Fu Yu with just plain rice or congee, that is strong stuff. Once again, loved the way you used it. Have a great weekend!

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  3. tofu and egg together! YUM!!
    wow and with the temps uve been having its no wonder ur loving colds salads lately! unfortunately its rainy and cold here.. so i have to stick with my hot salads 😦


  4. Tou Tou, you are just so creative in making healthy food! I would never have thought of using salted eggs and fermented tofu! I like both the salted eggs and fermented tofu so I will have a big serving of your food….mmmm 😀

  5. Tou Tou, love your mixing and matching…looks yummie, have to try them 😉

  6. I love salted duck, I think I would love the salad :)!

  7. You’re so like me…mixing Asian styles with everything. Hee hee. I wish we could cook together, we would make a great AZN team! ;0)

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