Are you a Cereal Person?

I didn’t know there is a breakfast called cereal till I was 20.

I am not kidding.

I grow up in China, and our breakfast does not include such flaky crunching sweet stuff. A typical Chinese breakfast is either warm porridge, soymilk, or some buns.

When I was 20, I came across this breakfast creation called “cereal”. That was in England, when my landlady served me a bowl of partially soaked, clustered, sweet flakes and oats (btw, I didn’t even know it was called oat then). Looks like a snack bowl! I never turn down the opportunity to try any new food – therefore, I happily take a BIG spoon from the drawer and tried my first cereal in my lifetime.


It was soooooooo yummy! I guess sweets is something all human being can not resist. Sweets and crunching in the morning?! can’t be better than that.

So, in that three month, the landlady bought me all kinds of cereals available in England. Yes, literally, two big pantry are full of colorful boxes.

Since came to the U.S, I tried almost all the major brand cereals, in different ways ( like ‘soak’ them in the milk, eat them directly from the box, make them into my bread and cake, etc., etc.,) so finally I get enough of that sweet and crunchiness , that I stop buying any cereal for …uh, maybe 2 years.

Till these boxes showed up miraclely in my front door:

Hooray !!! some new cereal to try out as a complimentary from Kellogg, foodbuzz taste maker program.

I can’t wait to open both of them and sample. See, I am still hooked to cereal:-P

I really love this yogurt cluster one. Sweet but not so sweet, crunchy but not so crunchy (as the cheerio ones), and the cluster is like little candy inside the breakfast bowl.  I also tried the other one – em….not my type. But if you like cheerio, give it a try!

Here are some more information if you are interested.

I guess most of my readers are not as ‘cereal-blind’ as me…..haha 🙂 What’s your favorite type of cereal? Hope you all enjoy your everyday breakfast cereal!



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7 responses to “Are you a Cereal Person?

  1. Hahaha, that’s so funny how you didn’t discover cereal until you were 20 — and then fell in love with it! I’m sure your landlady from England must have thought you were a most interesting creature… Bwahaha. And so simple to please too — all she had to do was introduce you to cereal! Haha! 😛

    I don’t think Kellogg’s sells that kind of cereal here in Canada (we Canadians always get the slow shaft from the big companies — sigh…) but it sure looks good. 😀 Nice and fiberrific! Ha!

    xoxo Aletheia

  2. Oh Tou Tou, that’s actually not as bad as you think. I’m practically a CBC and I never heard of stuff like tempeh or quinoa until I started food blogging (blush).

    That’s such an adorable picture…teehee. As a child I loved any cereal that was colourful, the more colourful the better. Oh and I wouldn’t buy it if there was no free prize inside, lol. Now I’m more into the plain cereals like mini wheats or frosted flakes. Still have a sweet tooth. Hope you enjoy your goodies! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. keephangingon

    ooh your eats look delicious! I don’t eat cereal anymore, but back when I did, I LOOOOVED banana nut crunch cereal! These days, I usually have green smoothies for breakfast. They are the best, most delicious pick-me-up you can have in the mornings! I don’t eat processed breakfast cereals anymore, because I believe we shouldn’t eat cereal that changes the color of our milk, or cereal that comes with five or more ingredients – ingredients we can’t pronounce, and that don’t grow in Nature, such as BHT, corn syrup, etc. I’m a health freak. 🙂

  4. im not a huge cereal fan but i definitely enjoy high fibre cereals like shredded wheat, smart bran (nature’s path) or anything bran-like/ oat-like .. otherwise its not very filling. uve gotta love the crunch factor and if theres dried fruit thrown in its even better.. crunchy +chewy + sweet = YUM!

    better late to discover it than never right!


  5. I had a phase that I loved corn flakes, was for breakfast, lunch and dinner…literally, now I am not into any cereal at all…have oatmeal like 3~4 times a week 🙂

  6. Ha, I’ve never had cereal for breakfast. I just don’t really see the appeal. I find them dry, tasteless, and either too sweet or too “healthy”. I am a bit more partial to Kashi GoLean Crunch, though. Now that is kind of good, esp with yogurt.

  7. I’m a cereal ‘geek’ and am not ashamed of it. Raised on the stuff, we ate it anytime, at any day- whether during Saturday morning cartoons, right after lunch, on top of ice cream- or for- yes- dessert. At this very moment, I’ve got eight boxes of six different cereals- from that containing freeze-dried fruit- to shredded wheat- to multi-grain variety) and keep it stocked!
    The right cereals (Toasted Oat products, Corn flakes, and Shredded wheat, and Oat Bran, for four), in your skillful hands, create delicious bread, cake, and stuffing recipes that are healthy.

    However, many kid’s cereals, with its megaton sugar bombs, make for a post digestive energy crash that make even the Energizer bunny fizzle.

    I’m glad you finally did get to enjoy cereal- the crisp crunch of that all-around health snack food you can eat any time of the day- and feel good about yourself.

    At the risk of being corny, I lift my spoon and bowl to you and wish you many more years of that food.

    Pass the Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

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