I went to Boston, yet I forgot my camera…

Oh How silly I am!!!

Even though the trip to Boston is absolutely NOT for fun ( it’s for non-stop, four day talking, getting challenged, and exhausted….), but forgetting my camera is unforgivable!!! The weather was extremely nice —which said to be unusual in Boston. I did have time to take a little walk around Harvard square, MIT, along Charles River, and harbor. Nice breeze. Can’t find a better relaxation than that.

And, since we have a daily budget for meals , I spend them all, I spend them all, I spend them all….I really like two Thai food place in Copley Place – one is Chili Duck, the other is Thai Basil. The Sushi is superb too, especially that Dauzo…..I wish I had recorded those moments for you! But if you got a chance to visit Boston, I highly recommend these place to satisfy your picky stomach!

So when I am back home, I make a little note for myself – get a small digital camera soon, so I can take it with me anywhere!

I feel sorry that I couldn’t share with my dear blog friends about Boston…but i do have some other food pictures:

another Buitoni Salad!

I got this Buitoni coupon from Foodbuzz taste maker program ( again! thanks ! ) it finally helps me to find the one I love!!!

This is the wild mushroom Agnolotti. ( who can help me pronounce this name! :-P)

I make this salad with two vine tomatoes, sweet corn,  sweet peas and just a little bit red onion ( I don’t want to burn my stomach again!)

Drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar, Dill, and pinch salt and pepper.

This time, I am VERY satisfied with the filling!!! there is A LOT mushroom, that I can really see. It seems that the mushroom is blended with cheese already. Taste very cheesy 🙂

Are you able to see it ? 🙂 Enjoy !!



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9 responses to “I went to Boston, yet I forgot my camera…

  1. Hey Tou Tou!

    Glad you had a good time in Boston. That’s too bad that you forgot your camera. That’s ok, just gives you an excuse to go back to those yummy places and take your pictures again 😉
    That’s a great looking salad. I love mushrooms!

  2. Whoa, impressive! That looks so tasty and fresh, love it. You’re welcome to stop by my kitchen any time to whip it up for me 😉

  3. balancejoyanddelicias

    welcome back dear. How was the conference? Did you conquer all of your interviewers?
    I need to get a digital camera too… did you do any research on which one to get? let me know 😉

  4. Oh no!! No camera! But admit it…did you feel a relish of freedom from not having the stress of needing to take pictures? 😉

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy it too much, but glad you still had a few good bites to eat!

  5. crystinelover

    i thought you ganna to buy a new small camera there. what a pity. unforgivable.

  6. oh gosh, with peas and corn too!! this is scrumptious ❤ i also am very fond of raw red onions 🙂 mmm this dish has such a wonderful mix of flavors!

    i never wanna forget my camera, it would be similar in feeling to forgetting a child at home.. well sort of haha.

  7. Ohhh, I can see that cheeeese! I think you served them perfectly! I’m glad you had a great time in Boston – my husband and I used to live in Cambridge, so I’m very familiar with the Harvard Square area. Don’t worry about not having a camera – it’s all about having the experience of eating new food, right? 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Tou Tou!

  8. You have such beautiful photography! Thumbs up!

  9. Oh dear…you naughty girl….you forgot your camera!! Now I miss all the interesting Boston pictures! You should go again 😀 Love your ravioli dish. I’m not going to try to pronounce that. I think my tongue will get twisted…haha.

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