Oh Sweeeeeet!


wait,  for what?

– celebrate that finally the air conditioning is WORKING! it was hot last week, and the AC in my apt broke due to the severe thunderstorm on Sunday. Someone says I’m lucky, coz tens of thousands of people were actually out of power for consecutively four days, in the steaming hot July. However, my apt is on 3rd floor, and facing west. Every night it gets so bad that I can barely sleep….finally it ended up with a night in hotel….

On Friday, cool air came in, and the AC was working!! it was so much cooler. Oh man, you can’t never really appreciate it unless it’s gone….

so finally, I can ‘fire up’ my waffle maker and have a great breakfast:

Whole wheat waffle with wheat bran and golden flex seed. Some frozen blue berries and sliced honey melon.

in the afternoon, I was all in the mood of celebration  — the capability of using the oven again!!!

So I bake this beloved red-velvet cake, with Lindt ice coffee chocolate shaves on it:

yeah, I cheat. I use the cake mix. But , why not?! this cake mix works perfect (the Duncan Hines) if you adds a little twist :

I use a 1:1 cake mix Vs whole wheat flour; Cut the vegetable oil in half. Works. I guarantee. It is not that sweet any more, and you would love that texture.

Would you like one piece?



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13 responses to “Oh Sweeeeeet!

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    wooo…. why is it red? it looks awesome! and you were ACless??? that must have been tough! 🙂

  2. Yes! How did you make it red? Food coloring?? I just assumed that in the States, they somehow made Red Velvet Cake mix while we poor Canadians have to manually add food coloring to ours… LOL. In any case, your “twist” sounds healthy and your cake’s colour looks divine!

    Also, your waffle maker clearly knows how to make good waffles. 🙂

    xoxo Aletheia

  3. Tou Tou you are my HERO with this cake!! ❤

  4. actorsdiet

    i love this cake!!! yes i would like a piece…

  5. Gorgeous cake! And now I’m craving waffles, they look wonderful!

  6. The first house we ever got was west facing and never again will I get a west facing house. The heat was just too hot. Girl, I feel for you, but so glad you got your AC back.

    Oh my, your cake looks divine! Nothing wrong with cheating a little sometimes. As long as the food turns out yummilicious, which I’m sure it was. Yes, I would love a piece as I’ve never had red velvet cake before.

  7. Yes, yes, please, Tou Tou? Pretty please?? That red velvet looks soooo gooooood. Who cares that you used a box mix – it’s the effort that counts, right? Red velvet is one of my absolute favorites! That’s very smart to cut the oil and to use part whole wheat flour. Nice job!

    I’m glad your AC is working again – whew!

  8. Are you crazy? ONE piece? Please just gimme the whole cake…

  9. Oh…I must blow some cold air over to your place and you blow some warm air over here 😀 It’s summer here but still quite cold at times. Great you got into the mood to bake yourself some wonderful food to celebrate! I can imagine your smiles 😀

  10. Tou Tou great idea of adding more flour to reduce the sweetness of the cake…it sure looks beautiful…and please cut a big piece for me 🙂

  11. crystinelover

    i want to have a cheesecake

  12. The red velvet cake looks wonderful, looks like it has a beautiful texture to it, yes I would like a large piece.

  13. just stopping by again to say Hi, hope your week has been going great girl ❤

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