The Memory Lingers On

I have been back from Europe for quite a while….yet the memory still lingers on….

I think someone who has sweet teeth like me,  should stay in Europe for a longer time, where so many delicate sweets will satisfying the endless desire of chocolate …..

This is why:

When I wake up in the morning, I can dazzle my eyes with these never-ending chocolate stand….

Spread this thick and creamy chocolate cream on my breakfast toast…

Brush my teeth with chocolate toothpaste;

Order a chocolate bar for snack

and have a sip of chocolate beer ….

Woooooow, life is full of ….CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

hehe, maybe I should drag myself from the chocolate fantasy land now ! Because, something is great happening in my ‘ blog career’ 🙂 The people from CSN store has choose me to be their preferred blogger ! Hooray! I just checked out one of their table lamps, and look at this cute table lamp:

hehe , isn’t that a great light house table lamp 😛 Have fun exploring your favorite one!



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6 responses to “The Memory Lingers On

  1. Chocolate toothpaste? Really? And chocolate beer? Beer already tastes nasty to me so I can’t or don’t even want to imagine what chocolate beer is going to taste like. Oh the things people will invent…teehee.
    Cute table lamp 🙂

  2. actorsdiet

    this reminds me of that simpson’s episode where homer goes to the land of chocolate…

  3. crystinelover

    so sweet

  4. Chocolate cream and chocolate toothpaste!! Tou Tou, I think youve found my fantasy world 🙂

    Congrats on being a preferred blogger! That’s a really cute lamp 🙂 Have a great day, Tou Tou!

  5. Chocolate everything, even toothpaste 🙂 S0 funny!
    And sure the table lamp is very cute.

  6. I hope you brought back like 500 lbs of chocolate. lol. Gosh, didn’t know Europe kicks ass in chocolate!

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