coming back – safe and sound :) with rainbow fried rice

Hey Dear Blog Friends!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM BACK!!!! Thank Goodness I am still ALIVE, after the dissertation proposal defense 🙂 even though my professors didn’t really “grill” me during the presentation, two hours on high heels, standing straight up, and spinning my brain power to answer all questions, draw my attention away completely from food (which is so abnormal for a foodie, hehhehehe :-P). And then, even crazier, my friends and I went out to Karaoke and celebrate!!!!!

can you imaging you spend all day talking talking talking, and spend all night singing and screaming????!!!! well, that’s what happened, and the consequence – I was extremely quiet during the whole weekend….just want to be by myself and NOT talking!

I hope all of you are doing well. I feel bad that I miss the interesting food creations during the last two weeks, but I will catch up with that ! always feel good when I come back to my favorite ‘research topic” — foooood!

So the meal before my defense – rainbow fried rice  – my comfort food. I skip the BBQ that day, since the fried rice, a traditional Chinese food, would do a much better job to calm me down.


1. WHITE: brown rice, better over night rice.

2. BLACK: diced shiitake mushroom – for the smoking flavor, dice black fungus – for the crunchiness

3. RED: diced carrot

4. PINK: diced Chinese Sausage – a bit sweet, a bit fat, a bit salty, a bit smoky. can’t find a better alternative in the fried rice , for me , it’s a MUST!

5. GREEN: edammame – nutty , crunchy , high fiber 😀

6. YELLOW: 2 eggs, large. seasoning:salt , white pepper, and…. Dill ! Dill is a really interesting seasoning, somehow I can smell the creamy milky flavor whenever I added to the dish. I wish I know that earlier!


1. Sautee the chinese sausage first, when the oil extracts from the sausage, use that to flavor the eggs

2. sautee the mushroom, black fungus, and the edammame, then carrot

3. mix the rice in, sprinkle salt, pepper to taste ( for a about 5 minutes)

4. sprinkle the dills to garnish.

Viola!!! it’s my favorite rice dish – a BIG bowl , pleeeeease!

This week gonna be fun ! a Banquet dinner from the department, a lunch with a faculty discussing my paper (well, hope I can still enjoy the food!) , and a party on Saturday in my friend’s new house!! and , I will catching up on cooking and reading all your lovely blogs !



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21 responses to “coming back – safe and sound :) with rainbow fried rice

  1. Welcome back, Tou Tou!! We’ve missed you, that’s for sure. 🙂

    Glad to hear the dissertation business is over with (for now) so that you can have some down-time. Your karaoke gig sounds, er, FUN. Ha!

    Mmm, black fungus….

  2. crystinelover

    welcome back!!!!!!!!!! call me if you have time.

  3. Hi Tou Tou!! Glad you’re back!!! I’ve missed your creative Asian fusion dishes. 🙂 But karaoke is a good excuse…hahaah i do miss singing back in Hong Kong! The KTV’s are sooo fun!

  4. actorsdiet

    welcome back! i love karaoke!

  5. Welcome back, Tou Tou! Haha..luv that you went to sing karaoke – FUN! And by the sounds of it, looks like the fun is not over yet. Have a good time at your friend’s housewarming!

  6. Lovely to see you back! Glad to know everything went well. Haha…you must have used up all your words, including those meant for the weekend…..LOL Hey, you should record your songs and put here for us to listen 😀 And…I love your rice…colourful and healthy.

  7. Welcome back, dear Tou Tou!!!!!! We missed you around here, but I’m glad that your dissertation defense went well!! (I knew it would 🙂 ) You are so cute singing karaoke! I hope you’ll have more time to relax now that you’re all done 🙂

    I love fried rice, but I’ve never made rainbow fried rice! I love the idea of all the colors, and all the healthy veggies – and the Chinese sausage, my favorite! Yum! Have a great day, Tou Tou!

  8. Wow, nice fried rice and welcome back 🙂

  9. Oh I love all the colors in that dish!

  10. Welcome back! Karaoke is a skill I lack! 😛 Beautiful rice dish!

  11. When I am in a mall and is hungry and would just like a quick taste of lunch or dinner. I would go directly to a resto that serves steamed or fried rice.

  12. What BEAUTIFUL fried rice! never seen rice more tantalizing!

    And Tou Tou, I LOVE that pic of you singing, so joyfully…it makes me smile! 🙂

  13. I love fried rice, but I’ve never made rainbow fried rice! I love the idea of all the colors, and all the healthy veggies and the Chinese sausage, my favorite.

  14. Well, I love the idea of all the colors, and all the healthy veggies – and the Chinese sausage, my favorite! Yum!

  15. WoW! its good to hear you are back with delicious recipes. wonderful!

  16. This made a wonderful fried rice. I think my first successful fried rice ever. I also rinsed the chilled cooked rice as suggested. The proportions of ingredients and overall taste was perfect.

  17. I’ve made this dish many, many times with great success. I do recommend that (1)the seseme oil be used -don’t skip this step and (2) use cold rice!

  18. Well, I love the idea of all the colors, and all the healthy veggies and the Chinese sausage, my favorite. thanx for the wonderful share.

  19. ohhh..I would love to try this recipe. I love fried rice too, but its different huh? And will surely love it. Its colorful and looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing and by the way, welcome back!

  20. Do you have to use leftover/cold rice to make fried rice or can you use fresh cooked rice? Thanks

  21. I just love fried rice, one of my favorite dish. These pictures are looking fab!

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