Finally, My Waffle Maker is HERE !!!!!!!!!!

Can’t be more excited to try out this new baby!!!!!!!!

The people from Wayfair  generously offer me a double duty , waffle/pocket sandwich maker to review. What an awesome opportunity! hoooray!!! I have been waiting, waiting, waiting, and finally its here!!!

So my breakfast becomes much fancier this morning

you know I eat a lot for breakfast 😀  Today’s breakfast menus is:

Home-made soymilk ( with soybeans and Goji berries)

Waffle (oh yah!) x2 + laughing cow


1/4 cup of walnuts ( I already ate them , no pics sorry :-P)

This is the first time I have home-made waffle , with a bit creations here. I used:

Bean dregs ( leftovers from making soymilk) + wheat bran + whole wheat flour + flaxseed + 1 egg

The waffle maker is really cool –

My Review:

Functionality: 5/5. It’s pretty small (as you can see from above, only two pocket), perfect for one person. I haven’t tried out the pocket sandwich yet – but can’t wait!!! it’s fun to have a double duty waffle maker, isn’t it 😛

Easiness to use: 4.8/5. the waffle plate and the sandwich plate are all cast-iron, non-stick. I am actually surprised how easy to get the waffle out, and how crispy the waffle is. It takes about 3 min to pre-heat, and 4 min to get waffle done. The only problem I have is it takes a bit long to cool it completely down.

Easiness to clean: 4.8/5! It just can’t be easier to clean, since it’s non-stick plate, just wipe it with the paper tower and good for next morning 😀 or you can wait till it cools down a bit and rinse it ( and maybe u need to wait for another half an hour :p)

Price : $47.99

Over all, I am pretty happy with this new baby.  I give it a 4.9/5 highly recommend this 😀 (or maybe you can interpret it as “I am way to excited to try out home-made waffle” ). anyway, this is a pretty good choice if you are looking for a waffle maker, at a reasonable price. Don’t forget you can also made pocket sandwich with it ..he he he he he, I am already drooling on a ooey gooey cheese pocket sandwich ~~~~

Speak of the toppings for waffle – I tried the laughing cow today 😀 coz I am kinda craving for something salty and milky. I am also thinking of pineapple as toppings. Can anyone give me some ideas for the toppings??? how do you like your waffles ??? Thanks a lot for making my breakfast more exciting!!!!



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11 responses to “Finally, My Waffle Maker is HERE !!!!!!!!!!

  1. actorsdiet

    congrats on your waffle maker! that is exciting.

  2. So exciting! I love homemade waffles! I bet they would be great topped with any fruit, greek yogurt and PB, sausage/peppers/onions on the savory side…the options are endless.

  3. crystine

    that cheese is really good. i love them.

  4. Wowww those are high high numbers for your waffle maker. I can tell for sure that you love it. hahaha

    My favorite waffle topping is DEFINITELy greek yogurt with raspberry fruity jam or syrup and then drizzled with smooth peanut butter. If you have COLD banana slices, it’s like icing on a cake because the slices kind of melt on the warm waffle…ohhh drool. i want waffles now!!

  5. Yay for getting a new waffle maker! 😀 I like strawberries or blueberries and whipped cream with my waffles. Or if I’m really lazy, just maple syrup. I’m so excited for you that you have a sandwich maker too. Those make the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Have lotsa fun! 😀

  6. That looks like a great wafflemaker – I’m so glad you like it! 😀 I’ve never thought of putting laughing cow on a waffle before, but that’s such a great idea! I like putting peanut butter on my waffles and pancakes, or just fruit, or a fried egg – yum!

    Enjoy it! 😀

  7. Ooh what a fun new kitchen appliance! Looks like a great breakfast!

  8. TOUTOU!!

    You know what you should make?!?

    CHEESE WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Congrats for receiving the waffle maker. I’m sure you have lots of fun making waffles. …..your new toy! 😀

  10. OMG!!! GREEN TEA WAFFLES WITH ADZUKI BEANS!! PLease! PLease! PLeassssseeee!!!!

    p.s. At first, I read wrongly and thought you got a WIFE-maker. HAHAHAH!

  11. Wow, congratulations on you new kitchen toy…the waffles sure look yummie…I am sure you will lots of fun with it 🙂

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