All about Foooood, NYC

Finally, the critical part, FOOOOOD 😀

Please don’t laugh at me for scheduling a trip purely for food 🙂 wait, isn’t that why I am here ?! since most of my readers are real foodies, I am gonna unfold the trip with very satisfying , delicious, fun food we stuffed ourselves in NYC.

Our trip starts at a Korean Noodle place. It is an extremely small, family-style, not fancy at all restaurant close to time square. My friend and I even missed it several times. Yet when we walk into the restaurant, oh. my. gosh. I was dazzled. that’s like a perfect lunch place for me: if I choose different dish everyday, I can do it probably for consecutively 2 months.  Full of various Asian style bento box, kimchi , sweet rice cake, glazed sweet potatos, steamed buns….I was like in the heaven.

tough decisions. My friend recommend the noodle soup. Yah for a freezing day, perfect!! So for 6 bucks, I got this:

Huge bowl of spicy seafood ramen noodles. Seriously, I mean , a HUGE bowl – it’s like twice my head size!!! That was quite fulfilling!! quite spicy, but the soup taste awesome with lots of seafood. Noodles are quite chewy – not like the one we got in supermarket at all!!

we wandered around time square for the afternoon and did some shopping in Loft. Once our stomach recovers, we headed to our ultimate destination : flushing China town!  Yeah, for some authentic Chinese food!! Do you love street food?! I do! and I really miss it! On main street Queens, can you imaging that the lights is still on around 10pm, and tons of people still having their dinner or post-dinner outside?! what a great living area!

While we walked along the main street, the aroma from different food just drag us in….

I know , not a pretty picture. but love this duck wings with traditional Chinese spice!

Pork buns with paper-thin wrap, and half juice , half minced pork in the bun. eat with ginger and vinegar. I had four of them!!!

Directly from the hot pot ( the ox stomach, sorry if I made you disgusted :-P, but they are really crunchy!), with black pepper spicy sauce

Seafood porridge, made with shrimp, calamari, topped with roasted peanuts, and scallion. perfectly salted comfort food!! can’t have enough of it!

wahahahahaha can’t be more happier! btw, did u see that plastic bag ???!! that’s a whole box of duck wings I was bring back home!

have been going with non-veggie dishes for 1 day and half, my friend and I finally give up 😛 Salad, please!

The base is mixed greens, I tossed in alfalfa sprouts, goat cheese and green stuffed olives. finally I feel less guilty about binging the day before 🙂

M’mmmmm….long time since I really indulge myself into delish food . let’s end the day with a chocolate scented candle . Hope every one has a sweet ending!



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17 responses to “All about Foooood, NYC

  1. Wow! Those are some delicious looking eats! I think its perfectly normal to plan a trip just for eating!!

  2. Yummy yum yums! Looks like you enjoyed your trip. My family vacations are definitely centered around food – ain’t no shame in that.
    Aaah flushing, gotta watch Saving Face Again 🙂

  3. actorsdiet

    look at all that fooooood. such great, delcious food!

  4. you’re so pretty! so much great food, awesome! i’ve only been to NYC once for a 3 day weekend but i absolutely loved it. unfortunately i feel like i missed out on so many great eats, i didn’t even ahve a slice of pizza!! next time for sure!!

  5. balancejoyanddelicias

    I want that korean ramen, looks really good! Love huge bowls!! 😀

  6. oh my! I would love that bowl of soup! looks amazing!

  7. Ahh, I love Flushing! I’ve only been there twice, but the food is soooo good. Those pork buns are my husband’s favorite. Have you ever been to Fang Tea in Flushing? Their teapots are so pretty!

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  9. frogsandmen

    looks lovely………i’m jealous, flushing is such a good place for food
    a bientot
    the paris food blague

  10. Jonathan

    Wow, 6 dollar noodles! pretty worth it! =)

    Duck wings, from what i remember it’s mostly just skin and not much meat, but still good! hehe.

    Pork buns, is that ‘xiao long bao’ ? Those are good too! =)

    Ox stomach (niu bai ye) , i think i like that too! Another classic chinese dim sum! =)

    ah porridge, haven’t had that in a while. hehe. and finally to end it with a nice simple salad. Yummm!

    Man, now i want chocolate scented candles! well, maybe not, might make me hungry! haha jk

    Well, looking forward to seeing more cool pix! =)

    take care,

  11. crystine

    new york new york

  12. Great pics. I know what you mean about salad, I was seriously craving one after a dessert binge Saturday! Nice blog 🙂

  13. Just wanted to stop by again and let you know that I nominated you for a Creative Writer award! Stop by my blog and check it out (at the end of the post)! 🙂

  14. Giiiirl!!! I wish I was there with you!
    I’m so glad you tried the spicy seafood noodle…jjambong! SO good! And not so spicy actually!

    Ah, and I miss dim sum so much!

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