Still, Happy Lunar New Year…with POMOCHI

Hey Dear blogger Friends, do you know that the traditional lunar new year celebration actually last for the whole week ?!?! and you have every reason to celebrate it till the Lunar Jan 15th 😀    So today I am gonna make another traditional Chinese New Year food. The Chinese name is called ” Nian Gao” , which literally means ” higher every year”. In Japanese, this kind of food is called ” Mochi”.

So what the heck is POMOCHI????

haha, it’s POM + Mochi = POMOCHI!!! (since POM + Nian Gao = POMIANGAO…..that’s doesn’t sounds very appealing to me:-P , thus I am gonna adopt Japanese way of Nian Gao) .

making POMOCHI is a lot of fun. Because the main ingredient is the glutinous rice….you got an extremely sticky dough to play with. That reminds me of the time spent with my Mom making them several years ago!!!!

I made a black sesame filling POMOCHI. The ingredients are : 1 cup of glutinous rice flour, about 1/4 cup of POM juice , grind black sesame, coconut oil from coco 😛 (thank you!) , coconut flakes,  sweet-scented osmanthus, and a about 1 tsp of sugar.

For the glutinous dough: mix the POM and 1 cup of rice flour. See that nice cute pinky color??? I fall in love with it instantly!!! Steam them for about 10 minutes , and cool it down completely.

For the fillings : mix 1/4 cup of grind black sesame, 1 tsp of coconut oil, 1/2 tsp of osmanthus, and  1 tsp of sugar. Stir till they become little sticky crumbles.

Now comes the tricky part: making the mochi. Some tips I just find ( didn’t realize it was so difficult when I made them with Mom!!!

1. spray some oil on your hand ( yes!!) it makes the dough less sticky to your hand and easy to round it up.

2. make a ping-pong sized ball first, then “dig” a small hole for the filling (please don’t be greedy in terms of fillings…) , and seal the top. Then start to roll the dough in your hand till its really round and smooth.

Great Pinky POMOCHI already!!!

yes its ready to eat. But I would like to add more Chinese flavor:

Dip the pinky into a bowl of unsweetened coconut flakes. sprinkle some osmanthus for garnish 😀

coconut flavor crust, sweet scented osmanthus, nutty, delicate crunchiness from black sesame fillings, and POM rice dough. Oh.that makes my day much better. Enjoy , and again, and still, happy Lunar New year!!


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12 responses to “Still, Happy Lunar New Year…with POMOCHI

  1. These looks great!! I’m so intimidated to make this type of food. It looks delicious!

  2. wow! looks amazing! Im always impressed by your flavors and textures you put into your foods. really fantastic. Id love to try and make this!! Have a great day!

  3. OMG those look sooo good! i love mochi, but i’ve only had it ice cream style or the vietnamese kind, which i’m not sure is the same. my stepmom is japanese though so sometimes she brings it back from japan, i’ll have to grab som enext time. yours sound so good though, i love pom! beautiful pics

  4. balancejoyanddelicias

    wooooo….. these look amazing… love the pink color!!!
    yes, mochi can get very sticky, I think I never steamed it, but boiled it instead, so I never have to touch the sticky dough 😉

  5. These are new to me but looks utterly delicious…mmm. Definitely my favourite. I haven’t made this year. Iwish that plate is mine 😛

  6. crystine

    this is nice, i like it.

  7. actorsdiet

    how creative and beautiful and delicious looking!

  8. Those look wonderful! 🙂 I love Chinese New Year. I went to restaurant recently where they served Nian Gao, but made it with rice cakes instead (I took a picture!). Your version looks MUCH better. 🙂

    “Pomniangao” tee hee!

  9. wow, I’ve never seen those before -they look wonderful!

  10. These are so cuteeee! Pomochi sounds like a dog breed too.
    Anyway, they look delicious. I’m a sucker for anything sesame seed and coconut. I bet I would love these!!

  11. Happy New Year! 🙂 The photos are beautiful 🙂

  12. TOU TOU!!! I want, I want, I want!! What a GREAT way to use POm…I love mochi! My friend just bought some sweet rice flour to make mochi…I was so salivating!

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