Should We Call it Chili or Warmy?

Hey Friends, we here Maryland, BLIZZARD again!!! This might be the heaviest , craziest snow storm I have ever seen in my life.

Look at my poor car buried in the snow like a big BUN….oh man. what I am gonna do with it…..

He is in much better shape than mine!!!!

Good news is finally the sky cleared up around 6pm. Guess good work out tomorrow!!! I am gonna dig my car out !

Cold days make me think of this Chili. actually, I am wondering , why it is called chili, instead of warmy???? it’s so hot and fulfilling !

So I decided to call it Warmy :

I used:

Cheating!!! (Shhhhh….)

Yes, I use a Chili Mix 😀 that makes my life much easier after whole day brain spinning at programming….Compared to the sweeter alternative Cincinnati one, I prefer the Terlingua Red Chilli in  Hard Times Cafe. It’s redder, spicier, and flavorful.  But tons of beef normally makes my digestion system protest the day after. Therefore, I intended to make this version more vegetarian.  So if this one doesn’t turns out like the one in the HTC, please bear with me  and simply enjoy the veggies 😀


1. Brown the beef till the fat comes out.

2. Use the fat to saute onion and carrot. Till onion releases some water.

3. Now , adding a can of tomatoes, crushed please.  and pour in all the juice.  this adds a sour and sweet flavor to the dish. Then, add in 2 cups of warm water to the pan.

4. according to the instructions, I am supposed to use only 1 tsp of chili power. I already seal the rest and ready to stew. BUT. Thank God I tried. It’s NOT spicy at all!!!! So I add another tsp, still, not taste like chili!


alright, I am just being bold and pour in the whole bad of chili powder. Finally it taste very chili!!

5. Cover the pan ( you are supposed to do. But I don’t have the lid). and stew for like 10 min.

Ready to eat the home made chili!!! I topped with the left over 6 cheese Italian, you can top with cilantro, sour cream, and paired with corn bread as the HTC will serve. Its just a little bit spicy, with sweet flavor from caramelized onion and sauteed tomatoes.  It’s such a warmy dish on a snowy day 😀



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12 responses to “Should We Call it Chili or Warmy?

  1. Well, “chilly” means cold, but “chili” generally means HOT! Like, spicy hot! So maybe that’s where the idea came from, hmm? Either way, your Chili for a Chilly Day (aka WARMY) looks delicious!

    Hopefully you’ll be able to brave ALL THAT SNOW these next few days! Yikes!!

    CHILI wishes,
    🙂 aletheia

  2. Hey!
    I just came across your blog and I love reading it!
    I would love it if you could check out mine and follow 🙂

  3. balancejoyanddelicias

    cold weather plus warm chili… such a perfect day!!! 😀 I cooked a lot last night too!!! hehehe…. preparing to fuel for today’s cleaning-car workout! 😀

  4. Lili

    Haha, your warmy looks so warm and delicious!!!! I made mantou from scratch yesterday!!! And I started to wonder if I should start a food blog too!! hehe you are inspirational to me!!

  5. actorsdiet

    you are right – why in the world IS it called chili? someone had a sense of humor…

  6. Looks like the perfect food for such a cold day!

  7. crystine

    cool, you had chili. snow storm. lucky us. we barely had snow this year. they all come to your places.

  8. ehehhe you make me laugh! Your Warmy instead of chilly makes more sense I think! My guess its called chili cause its originally made from chili peppers? Not sure though. I like your name better though. Looks super amazing though too! Looks perfect for that snowy day=) Take care sweetie!

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    Thanks! : )


  10. Wow…that’s so much snow!! I should be thankful here. I must stop complaining 😀 . Love that chili….looks very warming and delicious. I do need that.

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