Extremely Excited about the First Yeast Experience:Bread with a bit Oriental Flavor

Hey Chefs, today I am gonna bored you with tons of real bread pictures. I am so excited with my very first yeast-bread experience that I am gonna devote all this post to my sweet-scented osmanthus -ed, medlar -ed, walnuts -ed, black sesame -ed, banana filling -ed, bread.

The snow definitely increase my productivity in terms of cooking.

isn’t that beautiful?!  we are getting much more snows this year, and for the weekend, another Blizzard is on the way. Gonna be really bad this time, for 20 inches of snowing.  stay home , stay warm, and stay focused….of food  😀

alright, onto food:

So I made this bread for the first time of my life.

Somehow I am kinda avoid making anything yeast-related, pizza crust, buns, bread of course, for weired reasons. I have heard about my grandma complaining about “yeast is not ready!” or ” the buns fail becoz of the yeast”, or “yeast is dead”, all the time while she was making buns when I was really young. Guess that create a really bad impression of yeast in my childhood. So from then on, I am just not willing to try any bread recipe. Huh. isn’t that silly 😀 well, the “dark” days are over!!! I am so glad I conquered my fear for yeast!!!

Here comes this brave trip :

I follow the instruction and recipe, step by step, very closely for the first time. simply because I want a success for my first bread experience.  1 bag of yeast (25g) dissolves in 1/4 cup of warm water, stir and wait till the bubble comes up ( about 5 min).

Mix in the following ingredients :  3. 75 cups of flour( I don’t know why the recipe use this kind of strange amount, but I just follow it!!)     1/3 cup of sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp of salt.   1/2 cup of warm water. and the yeast water.

Knead the dough for about 10 minutes. I am tired ….so the dough doesn’t look that smooth , huh :-P. But the dough does RISE well!!! Yeah!!

For the fillings, I use:

sweet-scented osmanthus , banana, 2 tsp of black sesame, 2 tsp of walnuts, mixed well.

Now we fill the dough :

Test your skill to seal it!!!!

Give your imagination free rein:

I use the sweet-scented osmanthus and medlar

Bake. Patient. Please.  300. oven for 40 minutes.


Very home-made style!! (well, I meant to say it’s not perfect). but the crust looks very bready, and crusty: take a closer look (are you getting bored? sorry!!)

and the fillings is naturally bananaly sweet, specially nuts flavor from crushed walnuts and black sesame, and touch of sweet scented osmanthus.

The inside of the bread is so soft and perfectly sweetened, and the outside is so crusty and crunchy. oh that burned medlar? its  like burned raisin. Never feel so good after baking – its a GIANT LEAP for me!!!

Enjoy my dear blog friends!



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14 responses to “Extremely Excited about the First Yeast Experience:Bread with a bit Oriental Flavor

  1. omg! awesome bread girl!! Im so loving your twist on it too. Filling the bread with bananas, seasme and walnuts just sounds amazing. Oh yum! Im so craving fresh bread now=) I hope you have an awesome night!

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    I’m SO impressed!!!! 😀 Can I try it???? 😉 I want a filling bread with aduki paste!!! hahahhahah…..chef Toutou!

  3. oh wow, that’s so creative and looks great!

  4. crystine

    i want banana cake.

  5. Good for you for making the giant leap to YEAST! I am so afraid of it, even though I bought some to make cinnamon rolls, I’m kind of like you…I avoid baking with it at all! Your success with the bread makes me want to open my bag of yeast! hahahah

  6. Tou Tou you are FABULOUS!!! Please bake this for me next time I’m in the area! The black sesame filling completely bowl me over!!!!

  7. I am new to yr blog (also the blog world) and your adventure in yeast baking sounds really fun. My mom used to bake a lot when she was healthy and I had none of her talents anf bread was one of my weaknesses. I want to visit Shanghai and eat all those yummy dishes you showed in yr previous blog. Heard about the famous dumpling place too. I will start reading yr blog too. Have a great weekend.

  8. Very impressive bread! I love all bread that’s homemade. I’m sure your whole house smells lovely. I wish I can have a slice of it 😛 That’s lots of snow on your side. Here, I’m not sure when is the next wave coming.

  9. ACK! I’m still SO SCARED to work with yeast! I tried making bread TWICE with it and both attempts failed miserably!! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!! I wish you could come over and show me one of these days 🙂

    And black sesame filling? YUM YUM! And osmanthus? cool!

  10. Oh my gosh! This is so unique and sounds awesome! I love all the ideas here…
    I get so impatient while bread is rising, but I need to try it out again soon. it sounds like so much fun!


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