Good Days at Home sweet Home!

Hey My Dear Blog Friends!! I am back!!
I went back home (China) for two weeks, get fully replenished and rejuvenated!!! that is a last-minute decision – sorry for the lack of ‘missing’ notice 😀
I haven’t seen my parents for 1 year. time flies, and they look older than last year – that makes me feel guilty. many kids like me left their parents and chasing their own dreams. when we look back, they just wave their hands and being fully understanding and supportive. They are inevitably older and older – yet we can not fly back right away to be with them. Maybe the excuses are – we have so much to finish and there are so many constrains. Parent’s love is unconditional love. there is no one else in the world would love you unconditionally like they do. I begin to wonder what is our love to our parents- can we do the same? can we treat our parents with the same patience, passion, care, understanding??? I will try my best. what I did this time is transform their living style to be more healthy. I make my Mom to start practicing Yoga, and my Dad to start paying attention to the fat and cal in his diet. I need them to live longer, healthier for at least another 30 years!
it’s always nice to be home. Home-made food, wandering around the farmers market, watching Chinese TV shows and reading Chinese newspapers. oh I love the feeling of being at home. there are quite a few nice newly opened restaurants in shanghai, and we tried some of them. A very typical dinning out of our family is like this :
three appetizers:
Greens and Flavored Miced Tofu. very light and fresh.
Papaya and Lili.
Sweeten Lotus root with sweeten rice filling. this is my favorite – I have sweet teeth 😀 the lotus roots is soaked in the (cane sugar) syrup over night. filling in with sweeten rice and steam for a loooooog time till the flavor is well blended.
three main dish:
Sauteed fish and peppers.
Goose and Tofu soup. it’s like the thickened version of chicken soup. Very tasty !
Soysauce Pork Stew with hard boiled eggs. This is my Dad’s favorite – I know it’s high in cal, fat and sodium….but why it taste so good????
one dim sum:
Cornish pancakes. very little ‘cake’ but lots of corn!
one soup:

haha, this translations may sounds funny – its called drunken rice with little balls 😀 . the soups is the fermanated sweeten rice with a very special wine taste.
Shanghai is like foodie’s paradise. especially for those who has an Asian stomach. and, for those of you who love pizza – i would recommend pizza hut in shanghai 😀 I am not kidding, wide selection of fancy drinks and appetizers, and they have a salmon-wasabi pizza that you don’t want to miss!!!
Now I am back to U.S and will start cooking again!! I will keep on entertaining with food 😀


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12 responses to “Good Days at Home sweet Home!

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (JUMPS UP AND DOWN)


    The greens and minced tofu – that’s gotta be one of my all-time favorites. I make it with egg sometimes, and oyster mushrooms. The greens – I think – are chinese chives, yes? 🙂

    I know the wine rice soup too – “jio niang” isn’t it? That’s like my mom’s fav. We call her the Alcoholic. 😛

    AND! I also taught my Mom yoga moves recently too! She’s hooked on the triangle pose!! 😀 And I have been telling my dad about nutrition too – not necessarily fat and calories – but good, whole foods – he NEEDS it ! Because having diabetes is a pain! Fortunately, he’s my guinea pig and I get to put him on a diet and exercise plan without being a doctor! Hehehe… if only they knew.

    🙂 It’s good to be back home isn’t it? I’m glad you’re back. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  2. balancejoyanddelicias

    welcome back dear!!!! I so agree with you about parents love and what we can do to make them happy!

    Pd. sorry that didn’t call you back last night (I went to the airport and came back late), I’ll call you tonight.

  3. crystine

    very nice. miss home.

  4. Yay!! Welcome back!! I was in Asia too for a good 3 weeks!! Dont you just miss the amazing food??? My mom LOVES the “xiao yuan zi” with “gui hua”….i had that as my last meal in a Shanghainese restaurant in Hong Kong not too long ago. YUM!!!

  5. actorsdiet

    glad you had a wonderful time at home – haven’t been to china since i was a teenager. gotta get back at some point!!!

  6. I love your family’s style of dining – everything looks great!

  7. Tou Tou!!! I missed ya, darling! I was wondering where the heck you went, but then I think I remembered vaguely that you did mention that you’re going to China when we met up.

    You went to China and did not have their deep-fried starfish and scorpion? Shame. lol. But would LOVE to try their salmon-wasabi pizza. For some reason, Asians make the BEST pizzas. Take me to Shanghai with you!!!

  8. Lili

    This is not fair! I am sooooo jealous and hungry!!!!! hehehehehe.

    What great pictures and food from home!!! Made me miss China so much!! I noticed these are really typical shanghai dishes! Perhaps next time we should go back around the same time, and you should visit me and try some Southwest dishes?? 😉


  9. Tou Tou, warmly welcome you back. You have been missing for quite a while. Miss you! I’m really glad to know you had a great time with your family. You make me miss my family too. I hope to go back soon to see them. Nothing is better than home sweet home. It’s also such joy eating with them. All the food here are just so familiar and delicious. Please take care.

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