Very First Blogger Meet up! at Zest Bistro in DC

As a blog “freshman”, it’s so excited to see the “virtual” friend become “real”!!! Sophia organized this meet up and I am so glad that I made it!!!

Maya, Sophia and Me in Zest bistro.

it’s amazing that although the bloggers are someone you have never “met” , but when sit down together, it’s like we know each other so much and can’t wait to share all the stories of our life, and the excitement of blogging, the cuisine experience, the gossip of the blog world, etc. etc. etc. …. :-D. So much fun – and we didn’t stop talking for even one minute !! Β Sophia is such a sweet and thoughtful girl – love to heard her opinion of the blogging ; and Maya is a world traveler !! it’s so much fun sharing about the language learning and traveling experience with her!!!

Zest Bistro is on 8th street. small but chic place. I was there a bit early, well for like 20 min I was sitting there “lonely” by myself. and the waiter is REALLY attentive. He stopped by countless time and said ” oh I feel so sorry for you ” ,” oh looks like you are so lonely, I will bring you some bread. “. Β ” oh is your friend coming ? you know I normally being late for party and now I realize its really bad “…..alright ……so he brought the bread, he introduce the house specialties, he talked about this party experience… 20 min past by quickly. and I decided to tip him good πŸ˜€

I ordered the Grilled Salmon salad , with greens, pine nuts and roasted corn. I was a bit surprised when the waiter ask me “what temperature do you want for your salmon?”…oooops. sorry, I am a bit out. But am I supposed to test the temperature of my salmon?? alright, got it > i said “well done”. it turned out really good. the edges were very crispy, and salmon was still tender and juicy. the greens was Β a nice touch . I love the combination.

Maya also ordered the salmon salad. Sophia had this lamb pita. Very fulfilling!!! this bistro had a large selection of lamb. those who LOVE lamb, don’t miss it!

The great thing of dining with blogger friends is that you can take pictures as long as you want, in every angle, for each dish, without anyone staring at you and think ” what the heck is she doing????” and when the dessert menu comes in, everyone began to do the research ” how to incorporate this in to my eats”…”ummm, sweet potato juice? that’s wired! how do you do it???” etc. we kinda full already , so maybe dessert next time πŸ˜€

It was a great Saturday!!! I just can’t wait to meet more foodie bloggers and enjoy the wonderful chatting with all those sweet girls !!

(kinda belated) happy new year , to every one of you, my dear friends!!!



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13 responses to “Very First Blogger Meet up! at Zest Bistro in DC

  1. YAY for blogger meet-ups!!! That’s SO COOL that you got to meet Sophia! And Maya…although I have yet to read her blog… πŸ™‚

    Definitely give me a shout if ever you happen to be in Canada πŸ™‚

    As for the kale juice – I honestly usually just juice the stems (and not the leaves – because I’m obsessed with EATING leafy kale…and not drinking it!) and must say that it tastes quite bitter. I do not recommend it for the faint-hearted. A better alternative would be spinach, I believe, along with celery and cucumbers. And carrots! I don’t drink green monsters as often as I should though, just because they honestly leave me feeling so hungry afterwards!

  2. What a fun meet up! I’ve always wanted to try Zest but haven’t made it out there yet!

  3. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    fun! i’ll be meeting sophia at the end of the month too!

  4. Happy New Year! So wonderful to start it off with a blogger meet-up. Sophia is a sweetie – I had the opportunity to chat with her briefly at Foodbuzz.

  5. Hahahaah!!!! I look like I’m high!!! Anyways….

    I LOVED meeting you and Maya! You rock, Tou Tou! You were so fun and pleasant to be with…I’m surprised how well we hit it off the moment we met! I can’t wait to see your lovely face again…come visit me toooo? πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey it was great to meet you! I enjoyed our lunch and hopefully we can meet up again sometime, especially while you are studying nearby at Maryland!

  7. Oh wow girl! This looks like so much fun!! Im so glad you had a great time.

  8. Oh looks like a great time!

  9. Your meals look awesome!

    I met Sophia – she is SO sweet πŸ™‚

  10. Lovely food and lovely meet-up. I’m sure there’s lots of fun. Sweet ladies in a row πŸ™‚

  11. what a fantastic outing with fellow bloggers, looks like you guys had a great time with good food

  12. Yo, are you okay? Haven’t seen or heard from you for a long while! hope you’re doing well, Tou Tou!

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