Hey have you try that Banana Hammocks lately ???

Chocolate Covered Katie invents them I guess. M’m M’m soooo good . and yes I know there is a naughty joke about it, and I assume you know as well, hahahaha 😀

I am kinda addicted to Nuts recently, especially NUTS butter 😀 (hey wait, aren’t I always ????) and I find my new fav: TJ’s fat-free cottage cheese (middle).  Light and cheesy, only 70 Cal for 1/2 cup.

PB (middle) is the TJ’s raw creamy, unsalted one. very very “liquidly” style. I love its consistency.

AB (top) is the TJ’s raw chunky, unsalted one. very very thick and chunky.

So now you can define my Nuts butter profile: RAW and UNSALTED.

this Banana Hammock definitely hit the spot !!!  can you still sit still and not try it out?? 😀

The other thing I made today is with Gigantic Mushroom I got from super market.

I put a peeler over it, so you can see how big these white babes are:

I am super excited to find them, and the first idea pops up is a Stuffed Gigantic Mushroom


1. mix silk tofu and corn beef (no salt needed!)

2. clean the mushroom and make the whole BIGGER (like that on the left ).

3. Stuff it and lightly spray on some veggie oil, and sprinkle some TJ’s seafood grill seasoning. I know it’s not seafood – but that grill seasoning has tons of nice herb and spice that I couldn’t forgo !

4. Bake at 350 degree, for 30 minutes.

Ready to serve: -D

The flavor of corn beef well mixed with silky tofu, as well of the mushroom. Smoky, and very filling !  Hope you like it! 



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10 responses to “Hey have you try that Banana Hammocks lately ???

  1. crystinelover

    I like banana with chocolate hazenuts

  2. Oh yum! Bananas with any kind of nut butter is ssooo tasty. I absolutely love the mushrooms too! I never tried stuffing my mushrooms with some silken tofu. Great idea girl!! Thanks for the recipe=)

  3. shroom shroom shroooms! MUSHROOMS!! i LOVE. Oh Tou Tou, you just never cease to get ridiculously creative with your presentation, do you?! Congratulations yet again for another deliciously wicked idea! 🙂

  4. Brilliant to make a banana dessert that way…looks simple and delicious. And the mushrooms looks too good to resist. I love mushrooms. I think I need 4 of them. Enough to share?

  5. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    looks delicious! i love mushrooms.

  6. oh those mushrooms look amazing!!!

  7. Mmmmm the banana looks SO GOOD!!

  8. Good post I feel hammocks do add value to a home. I liked the blog and will add to my RSS feed

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