Whole Grain Milk For Your Health :-D A tutorial of my new Baby

Perk up, soymilk/almond milk lovers 😀 here is the  tutorial of my new soymilk maker 😛

This time my combination is Whole Grain Milk (should I get a label like whole wheat somewhere?)

Today’s Grains include : Brown Rice, Barley, Black Rice, Peanuts, Soybean, Black Bean.

I don’t have to convince you guys about how much fiber you would get from brown rice, barley and black bean.  The peanuts are used to add a nice touch to the flavor. But I do have to say something about the black rice (and I just know its other names is forbidden rice!!! ):

Black rice is one of several black-colored heirloom plants producing rice variants such as Indonesian Black Rice, forbidden rice, or wild rice. High in nutritional and medicinal value, forbidden rice is rich in iron and considered a blood tonifier. Unlike other black rice from Asia, it is not glutinous or rough. This grain is high in fiber and has a deep, nutty taste. The deep color of black forbidden rice, and the deep purple color when cooked, suggests the presence of phytonutrients. It has a relatively high mineral content (including iron) and, like most rice, supplies several important amino acids.

The black rice , as dates, is especially good for girls – help with the blood circulation, make your face glow (it does!!) that’s why it is an irreplaceable ingredients in my Grain milk.

Aren’t they perfect in line with the idea of “whole grain diet”  ???? if you are not a big carb eater for lunch or dinner ,  incorporate some grains in your breakfast milk would be a wonderful idea.

Also, I’ll try to  make some almond milk, cashew milk, peanuts milk, etc later 😀

Soak them overnight, and rinse them really well. Then, put them in the soymilk maker:

You could “sweeten the deal” with some dark chocolate , as I did , irresistably.

Plug in, then 20 minutes later, the grain milk is here.

The color is nicely purpled because of the black rice and black bean. So now is all about your creativity !!!

so after filter out those bean “dregs”, you will left with some really nice purple , nutritious , thick Whole Grain Milk

Or, You can have the residues of the grains with your favorite oatmeal, top with some cookies / muffins (or something healthier 😀 of course).

So you are eating whole grains that extremely high in fiber, and just smell the ‘thick’ purple grain milk – you will fall in love with it the first time you try! it just taste so much better than the silk soymilk. I love its “dense” texture.

or , use it for your muffins :

By adding in : oatmeal, raisin, wheat bran, a bit flour, 1 egg, and grain milk. Bake them as the way you bake your muffins:

Hope you enjoyed this breakfast journey!!! I just can’t say enough good about my new baby :-p

Have a wonderful day every one!



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14 responses to “Whole Grain Milk For Your Health :-D A tutorial of my new Baby

  1. oh wow!! This all looks delicious. Thanks so much for the info on the black rice. Ive been wanting to try that out. I love your post! It just looks so delicious…awesome! the nut milks look fabulous..you are so creative with it!

  2. that sounds delicious! I love purple foods 🙂


    My FAVORITE part of bean/nut-milk making is eating the bean “dregs” ! My mom used to make this AWESOME bread with them, but because she doesn’t follow recipes and never bothered to write down her amazing concoction, she kind of fell off the bandwagon and never made it again! What proportion do you use it in your muffins?


    • hehe, me too!! I love those creamy bean “dregs”!! well, I am being pretty liberal in combining those ingredients. but the trick is, you have to have enough oats and flour to stick them together. the first time I tried it, the muffin just stick to the muffin pan, and I had thousands of pieces!

  4. You have really learned a lot of healthy eating lately. Good for you and your overused brain 😀 It looks so delicious I wish I can have some. I need it badly too. My brain is also overused….from blogging! LOL

  5. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    this all looks so good!

  6. wow, what great ideas! everything looks so good, healthy and filling!

  7. Oh, Korea has something like this, called “misukgaru”…it’s lovely! I’m amazed at the creamy texture of it!

  8. Hey Tou Tou, I work for the Whole Grains Council and this is such an amazing idea! Love it.

  9. Mmmm…..looks so amazing! 🙂

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