Final Crunch Vs Party Time! Tofu Box(ing), and My Prep for the Party tonight!

As an unprofessional blogger , blogging at noon (1pm) is so not me…hehe, normally at this time, I would be busy preparing for the meeting in the afternoon, or squeeze my almost depleted cognitive resources into the never ending programming…

But today is a party day!!! we had a department tradition of celebrating the end of semester – well, it should be “celebrating we all survived another semester, no major head damaging, no major depression, no major physical injury, due to intensive reading, programming, writing, presenting ” !! so everybody will bring a dish to share 😀 and yes, it’s a department of Marketing, as Linda asked me yesterday: how could you be a PhD in Marketing ??? oh yes, in tonight’s party, you gonna see a bunch of people doing marketing, with a PhD title! 😛

So I kick off the day with some “leisure” work. Since I just turned in my paper yesterday, I give myself a day break , Shhhhhhh…..

I was a bit slacking in posting, again!! this week , I’ll stop beating around the bush and go right into the topic : FOOOOOOD!

For lunch, I made some Tofu Box with Corned Beef. or should I call it Tofu Boxing to rock this a bit? haha.

This is a fun dish to make , and of course, very easy . I made this simply because I have a bigger project to do  – my food for the party. This one, only takes 5 minutes to prepare.

I use the silky tofu and make a little hole in it

and then, stuff in my leftover corned beef.

spray on a bit veggie oil to give it a nice golden edge.

Send to the oven, 400 degree, for 20 minutes. till u can hear the beef sizzling inside that tofu box.

The nice juice from beef flavored the tofu naturely, and I didn’t expect that the corned beef after baking will be soooo crispy!!

I pair this three tofu box(ing) with some veggies. but I have to admit that that tofu box completely win me over !!! I have almost all the veggies left in the plate when I am really full, haha

And then, my big project, is my favorite Pearl Coated Meatball. This is my secrete party weapon, since most people in my party would be meat lovers!!! So, Please stick a ruler up your eyelids !!

The meatball is made of corn beef, pork, and silky tofu (with 1 egg and minced ginger). When I blend the ingredients in the mixer, it turns out to be a very smooth mousse texture and I almost can’t help to dip my bread in it:

then, use your spoon to make meatballs from this mousse . it’s a bit hard this time because of the texture , but I have confidence that it will taste much better than the coarse texture ones.

then roll the ball in a bowl of sweeten rice that has been soak for 12 hours to absorb enough water.

Steam pearl-coated meatball for 30 minutes.

Then, made the sweat and sour sauce (isn’t that your favorite Chinese Sauce, hehe ):

1/4 cup of soysauce,

1 tsp of vinegar,

2 tsp of sugar,

1/4 cup of water,

while the sauce is boiling, stir in 1 tsp of corn starch to thicken the sauce to your taste. Pour the sauce over the meatball, sprinkle some greens ( I use green pepper) for garnish.

Enjoy my friends!!

Off to party, oh yah!!!



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12 responses to “Final Crunch Vs Party Time! Tofu Box(ing), and My Prep for the Party tonight!

  1. crystinelover

    i like second one.

  2. OK so you totally ARE gourmet-gifted.

    Although this post was a tad meat-y for me, I have to admit that your dishes are incredibly inspirational! (The tofu-box – like hello?! You’re a creative genius?!)

    Wowowowow. I have to make that for my still-carnivorous family one day. They’ll LOVE it. So ingenius!! 🙂

    Have fun tonight, you party animal you!

  3. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    love that tofu box! i am wondering what i could stuff it with that isn’t meat for my hubby.

  4. Oh man. I love that. I wish I was there to help you eat it!

  5. Hey….congrats you finish another semester. Time for lots of good food. That’s impressive food you prepared. I love the tofu boxes…looks so cute. The pearl balls look delicious. I’m sure you had a great time.

  6. I absolutely love all the food–it looks fantastic! But I especially love that you mix meat and tofu. 🙂

  7. That tofu box is amazing!!! I would have never thought of anything like that. You are great girl!

  8. Mmm! All of your creations are making my stomach growl.

    I appreciate that. =)

  9. oh my, I’ve never seen meatballs look so good! WOW!

  10. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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