I got a new baby!!!

it’s so exciting to open the package, and makes it even better to open two!

so the first one is my award for the POM contest (Yah! thanks Coco!) I made those Salmon in the POM Sea. And then, miracly, I won the contest!

POM send me a big package:

8 bottles of POM juice, including one special Mango, and one blueberry juice, plus, 6 POM energy bars, and a very cute POM note book 😀 which I have decided to use it as my recipe book , haha

I have see so many POM juice flying around in the blog world, and can’t wait to try out them ! have a first sip –oh whoa, very fruity ! they taste exactly the same when I pureed those pomegranate .  because, the only ingredient is pomegranate!! The only thing I am little concerned is the sugar content is pretty high. (32g per serving) but I guess they are all naturally from the fruit.

then, of cause, I can’t wait to try out those POM bar:

Absolutely my cup of tea!!! very fruity taste, with nuts crunchy ( oh I am such a “nuts” person!), covered with dark chocolate. the bar is very dense, and moist, and not that sweet . The fiber is 16% , which surprise a lot! I guess it would be a really nice touch for the morning oatmeal (when I become a completely oatmeal fan!)

And the second package is ……(flash !!!)

Soymilk Maker!!! or Nuts milk Maker, or Grain milk maker, or Bean milk maker!

as ya all know…since I switch to soymilk, I can never find my way back to milk….

but the more I “research” the soymilk (silk) labels, the more I feel uncomfortable making it my morning buddy everyday… the high sugar content (about 7g per serving), and several ingredients that i guess play the role of preservatives, makes me a bit scared…. so as said in my food philosophy , I kinda avoid the packaged food, the silk soymilk, unfortunately, have its name listed.

and thanks to my dear parents, they insist me to take a healthier life style starting with this soymilk maker. They bought one several weeks ago and love it.  This soymilk maker not only make soymilk from soybeans, it actually can make every grain milk, bean milk, and nuts milk. That makes me really excited to have my whole morning eats completely comes out my own kitchen!!! drink – soymilk maker; Breads/Muffin – straight out of the oven!!!

So I can’t wait to try out my very first grain combination.

they are : soybean, peanuts, black rice ( good for blood circulation), walnuts, almonds, black beans.

Soak them over night, and throw in the soymilk maker, 20 minutes, ready to drink!!!

the milk is so smooth and “thick”, and has the special smell from the almond and walnuts, M’m so good!!! I instantly fall in love with my new baby!!!! it just made my day!!

Do I sounds over excited ? oh yeah I am!  😀 can’t wait to try out the new combinations!!!!!!!!!!

For dinner on Friday, I made a new version of Routatuli.

I watch that movie for probably three times…. simply because, i love food, and I love cartoons!

stacking things together is really fun.

I use the King Oyster Mushroom which is really juicy and tasty, stack with sliced red skin potatoes, and Chinese sausage.

then sprinkle with some Chinese Chives (I miss those flavor!), and a little bit cheese ( and I am a cheese person, as you know.)

send them to the oven and bake for about 30 minutes. until the fat coming out of that sausage completely being absorbed by the mushroom and potatoes.

Great Friday!!!!! I hope you all have a great weekend, dear blog friends!



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20 responses to “I got a new baby!!!

  1. balancejoyanddelicias

    oh you got it!!!! 😀 great! enjoy!
    and your new “baby” made me jealous!!! 🙂

  2. Lili

    Wahsaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your life seems too delicious these days. 🙂 I would love to try your Ratoutali sometime!! You have to teach me! And by the way, did your parents send you the soy milk maker? I’m thinking of getting one, too.:-)

  3. Lynn @ The Actors Diet

    that soy milk maker is awesome – where do you get that?

  4. Wow, congratulations on winning the POM contest! That’s always really exciting =) The POM bar looks delicious. I am SO a hardcore fruits+nuts fan too.

    Your soymilk maker is adorable! My mom has had one for quite some time and uses it ALL the time. It’s going to be awesome for you – definitely work that machine, girl! Milk it for what it’s worth!

  5. wow!!! congrats on winning the contest. Thats awesome!! The Pom products look so tasty!

    That soymilk maker is pretty neat! Is it hard to make your own soymilk? Ive been wanting to try it out sometime. I cant wait to hear about all the flavor combinations you create!

    Your food pics look amazing too! Hope your having a fabulous Saturday!

  6. Hey, CONGRATS fot the win……you lucky girl! Very happy for you. You must blow some luck over to my side :D. That soya milk maker look so cool and fantastic. I have to go and look for one to make so sorts of nuts or beans milk. And such a healthy dinner….you should stay young and beautiful with this type of diet. Keep it up!

  7. Wow that recipe looks yummy lady!


  8. Congratulations on the Pom! I am sure you’ll enjoy them very much. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soymilk maker, so interesting.

  9. haha, the title scared me a little. I thought you meant the real baby!

    Soymilk maker? My mom tried to make it by hand once…not fun! haha!

  10. The soymilk maker looks awesome!

  11. Can you please share the brand of soymilk maker you bought. Like you, I want to avoid all the sugar in the boxed soy drinks. It’s really not healthy. Did you add any sugar to your concoction?

    Liked hearing you can add other nuts. I’m leaning towards homemade almond milk…

    Also, thought you might be interested. I’m hosting a foodie giveaway. 2 prize packs offered filled with kitchen goodies. Please check it out. Thanks! http://tinyurl.com/yh5gtm8

  12. I didn’t know that you can get a phD in marketing. How cool. What is your specific area of research?

  13. Such a cool milk maker!

    Can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  14. crystinelover

    heihei, when to update?

  15. Congrats on winning the POM contest!! That new soymilk maker looks SO cute and sounds awesome !!! Will it work if you try to make pure almond milk out of it???

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