First Sign of Aging!!!!!!!!

is that…..I stayed awake , widely awake, till 4:40am this morning!!! why’s that?

I guess I am not that stressed out with my dissertation, though I did struggled a bit with the emails that should be send out before I went to bed. But I’d rather not believe that’s the reason I am staying up that late yesterday!

so I search all over my head…and finally realized that I had a cup of Joe around 3pm yesterday!! I confess that recently ( this month) I developed a really bad habit of drinking coffee , even though I am really not that drowsy. I had tried to switch to the hot cocoa which has less caffeine, and some fruit teas, they not really help. I am still, habitually, need to hold a warm cup of coffee, either for breakfast, or after lunch.

But I know I always over-reacted to the caffeine even in that tall cup. So I decided today that I need to change this habit. Challenge myself, for a coffee free week. I am not addicted to coffee at all before, and I am sure I can fix the prob and get the sleep I deserved! btw, I already hide my coffee at the back of my pantry! Dear friends, if you have a good way to do this, please, please let me know!

so keep on telling that widely awake story, I worked on my paper, while munching on some snacks….i know its bad, but I can’t think of a better way to makes me feel better …. 😦

I hit the sack around 5am. then, wake up again at 9:08. $@#*$&^@*%$&!!! alright, I’ll just up, and take it easy. If I can make through the day, I’ll get back to my normal schedule. If not, I’ll just listen to my body nature.

So up till now (8pm), I am still up. feel A-OKAY . but definitely not energetic. or should I just say that I am on the verge of breaking down?!?! alright..not that bad. huh, we are still young… haha 😀

To pamper myself for this tough night,  I had a chocolate coated French toast for breakfast.

I used the last two slices of my favorite TJ’s multi-seed bread! oh man, they are divine. I am so addicted with that poppy seeds.

for the chocolate coating, I use d:  1 tsp of coco powder, 1 egg, 1/4 cup of soymilk ( that last 1/4 cup!) I am clearing my fridge.

and, everyone knowns how to make French toast. I am just having it on weekdays, instead of weekend brunch.

Did I confess that I have a whole collection of Lindts Bar chocolate , from 0% to 99%, including their special editions? btw , they are all empty packages….

For lunch, I add a Firm Tofu – Pork Stuffed Pepper.

These peppers are way too spicy!!! I can barely eat them ! so the only way to clear it up is “roasting”

the stuffing : (back to T-day!) : flavored firm tofu, miced. (about 1/2 cup). 1/2 cup of grounded pork, 1 tsp of soy sauce.

Roast the pepper at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

and then, they are not hot any more!!! and of cause, the juice of the meat adds a nice flavor, plus,  the firm tofu is totally toasted into a crunchy bites. M’m, food makes me feel so much better….



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16 responses to “First Sign of Aging!!!!!!!!

  1. Good Luck on your paper! The bread looks great. Thanks for the tip on the peppers, I’ll know next time what to do when they’re too spicy.


  2. Um, sorry, girl…I can’t even imagine life without coffee! I remember once when I actually did not drink coffee, and I was like a zombie then…if you get any good tips let me know!

    Though…I’m still not willing to give up coffee unless it is killing me! ;D

  3. balancejoyanddelicias

    it’s so funny that you go to bed by the time I wake up! 😀
    dear, it’s not sign of aging in your case , it’s just caffeine, but in my case, it’s seriously a aging sign.

  4. Crystine

    drink tea instead of coffee.

  5. Good luck on your paper! I hear ya about the coffee habit. Im additcited to it! I just absolutely love the taste of coffee. So to kinda of slow it down a bit Ive switched to decaf and teas. I still let myself have a cup or two of regular in the morning but then I make the switch=) Some teas I really enjoy are Sugar cookie sleigh ride by Celestial Seasonings and Dark Chocolate Yerbe Mate by the Republic of Tea. They also have a Yerbe Mate Latte that is suppose to be like coffee but I havent tried it yet so have no idea.

    Good luck with coffee free week. Your a brave woman 😉

    Peppers looks great too!!

  6. Lynn @ The Actors Diet

    i like your chocolate creation! french toast should definitely have chocolate….

  7. Oh my goodness, due to my profession and having to work long shifts overnight I LIVE for coffee. Sometimes the adrenaline of the situation keeps me going at 3am, but usually it’s the caffeine 🙂 I have a feeling the quality of care for my patients would deteriorate without caffeine LOL

    But seriously, all the best to your efforts. I think perhaps switching to green tea would be the easiest way to go.

  8. You know it won’t work no matter where you hide the coffee as long as it’s still in you house…..just send all to me….LOL

  9. As for the coffee, I say – chuck it out. JUST CHUCK IT OUT. If it’s not there, you won’t drink it. Right?

    Of course, the first few weeks will be rough, I hear (from caffeine withdrawal) – but your body will thank you afterwards =)

    And just as you were speaking of going to bed later and later, I managed to stay up until 2:30 AM last night (er, this morning). Blogging. See, I think this is even worse than your case because it’s just not a good reason. I mean, I finished all my classes yesterday. Darn addicted blogoholic that I am!

    Hope you get over your caffeine addiction soon – feel younger sooner! =)

  10. Lynn @ The Actors Diet

    i was actually UP at 4am this morning (not by choice).

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