Mushroom Upside Down Omelet, and My Snack ideas : Fiber, Fiber!

Hey everyone! How’s your Thanksgiving break???….well….I am being really slacking in posting these days! gotta catch up!

I was doing some “running training” these days, and surprisingly, I find FUN in running! During that 30 min session, I accelerate my speed, finally , to 6 !! don’t laugh at me if you are a professional runner ( I know that 6 is your cooling down speed :-D) . When I first start to run in 2006, my speed is 4.6. well, you call it power walk. But after three years of cardio workout, I gradually increase my speed to 4.8, 5.0, 5.2, and last weekend, I tried to alternate the speed in the second half , from 5.2 to 5.6, to 5.8, and to 6.0. I clearly feel the muscles on my thigh, and its telling me that running is such a great work out.  So, I’ll keep the momentum and keep young!!! (even my 26th birthday is coming in three weeks!) So here is my fun running trainnning session:

Total Time : 30 min.

1 min: 4.7 warm up.

10 min: @5.2 running.

5 min: @5.6 running.

3 min: @5.8 running.

3 min: @6.0 running.

3 min: @ 5.7 running.

3 min: @ 4.6 , incline @ 11.5 , power walk.

2 min. @ 4.2. no incline, cool down.

Time pass so quickly 😀 and you’ll never get bored with that alternating speed !

Okay, back to eats.

these days I begin to pay attention to my snacking behavior. and I am scared to find out that :

My snack choice is a bit ….calorie loaded (nuts) …..and some time sugar ladened (cereal, hot choco) …  😦

it’s kinda getting on my nerves…most snacks sold on shelves are not perfectly in line with the idea of healthy snacking options.  So I decided to make my own.

Objective : Small portion (1/4 cup), High Fiber , Low sugar , Low Fat,  hold hunger.  and most importantly, generate Dopamine  that makes me happy!!!

So, I made this: Fiber One Ginger Muffin:

Why Fiber One ??? Because I put:

Rolled Oats (old fashioned),  Wheat Bran, Red Beans (as topping), Fiber One cereal (they are so sweet that I need to adapt them! )

All fiber-rich ingredients !! Plus, I grind some ginger to give it a spicy flavor that perfect for winter days.

it’s like 1/4 cup sized, low fat, low sugar, low cal snack.  Yah !! we are good to go!

My dear friends , What do you normally eat for snack? ?? How many snacks do you take a day???

For  the Mushroom upside down omelet (love this fancy name, wahahaha) ,  it’s pretty easy:

Did you happen to see those little browned mushrooms on the backside of my omelet???

Ingredients:  mushroom, 2 eggs, finely chopped Chinese Chives (if you love that special flavor!).

cheese, just a bit.

so first brown the mushroom , till the juice is all out. then pour in the eggs till its half done.

Top with Chinese chives , it goes so well with the egg. The egg-chives dumpling is a very famous  vegetarian version 😛

Top with cheese, and fold it. Da da, done!!




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13 responses to “Mushroom Upside Down Omelet, and My Snack ideas : Fiber, Fiber!

  1. Wow. That omelet looks amazing! I love the cheese bubbling in there…and I adore mushrooms! Make one for me please?

  2. Wow, I love your running training bit. It totally inspires me to get back on track (with running, or exercise in general)! I’m always so used to doing one hour of cardio at a time that I forget that I can make it fun by switching it up in a shorter 30-minute time interval. Annnd of course, your omelette looks ah-mazing! I LOVE mushrooms! =)

  3. balancejoyanddelicias

    I like running intervals too…. it’s fun!
    those mini fiber muffin are full of fiber and so chewy! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Your muffins looks delicious, girl! And your running program looks tough!

  5. actorsdiet

    lovely omelette!!! i don’t usually eat a snack (i tend to have 2 desserts) but if i do it’s usually a piece of fruit.

  6. The muffins look SOOOO good!

  7. Oh man, I always have THE hardest time not getting so bored on the treadmill. I may just have to try your switching speeds method!! Maybe that’s why I hate running! Hahahah

    Oh gosh, I never thought I would love omelets so much because we never had them in Hong Kong, but I suppose they’re very similar to “dan bing” (egg biscuits?) from Taiwan and China!! I loooove those!!!

  8. Well done….you are running and eating healthy food. Keep it up. I will cheer you on. You will stay young and healthy that way 🙂

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